Gurgaonwaali: Superbike Racers Reveal What Drives Their Passion

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Dr Neharika Yadav, one of India’s fastest woman superbike racers and a dental surgeon, along with Mandeep Merwah, who spearheads the EagleRider Academy that trains women to ride motorcycles, spoke to author Kanchana Banerjee at the Gurgaonwaali event held on Thursday (January 18).

The two bike aficionados gave an insight into how they started biking, their experiences, reactions from people around and why it is important for people to find their true calling.

Tryst with biking

The first time Mandeep Merwah got on a bike was when she was 45 years old.

"I grew up in a country (Middle East) where riding bicycles was illegal. Coming to India opened an opportunity for me. A buddy brought an Eagle Rider in the country," she says, adding that that's when she grabbed the opportunity to learn riding a motorcycle.

She terms her experience of biking blissful.


Reaction from family and friends

Neharika was 16 when she started biking. She explained that her family and friends have been very supportive of her decision. She mentioned that her patients keep on asking her for passes to watch her ride during her races.

The dental surgeon revealed that the real bug for biking bit her when she went to the Buddh International Circuit with a superbike racer friend. She got to know all the bikers there and after watching the race, she realized that this was something she wanted to do. Since then, she has been working towards it and participates in a lot of races.

 "I have everybody motivating me and inspiring me" - Neharika Yadav

She also recalled how she made a friend sit behind her on a motorbike and he started screaming. She added that she gets a lot of interesting reactions when spectators get to know that there was a female biker participating in the race they had come to watch.

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Eagle Riders Academy

Mandeep started "Eagle Riders Academy" with the idea of reaching out to more and more women aspiring to learn biking.

"The most interesting thing about our academy is that the youngest person we have trained is 34 years old and the oldest is 56 year old," she said.

However, Mandeep shared how she flinches from the idea of teaching her own daughters to ride a bike.

But that apart, she added that riding bikes is very fulfilling. "Women learning biking is like so many dreams coming true." Interestingly, men also approach the academy for learning to ride bikes.

"Keep trying new stuff because you do not know what it is that you are truly good at." - Mandeep

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On being a crocheter

Mandeep also holds the Guinness Record for the largest Crochet Blanket. She learnt the art by watching YouTube videos. She calls crochet the most meditative art form.

Finding one's true calling

Neharika has given two Ted Talks, inspiring people to live their life to the fullest and keep their fears behind them.

"It is extremely important for you to find a passion in life and pursue it on a regular basis to unwind. Without that, life is mundane every day and there is nothing more to look forward to," said Neharika.

She also explained how finding a passion eliminates loneliness by bringing you in touch with kindred souls.


Mandeep also advised the gathering to be open to trying new stuff. "Keep trying new stuff because you do not know what it is that you are truly good at."

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