Summer isn’t everyone’s favourite season. With temperatures soaring, it is essential to stay hydrated. Dehydration occurs when your body is in a state of not having enough water to function in an optimal manner. It results in headache, fatigue, muscle cramps, stress and irritation. To avoid situations like these, it is a must that one hydrates enough and well.

So here are some of the tried and tested ways to stay hydrated this summer:

1. The magical drink

Drink water in abundance. It is undoubtedly the number one way that will help you stay hydrated. Let it sit at the top of your priority list and you shall sail through the season wonderfully well. Drink more water than usual all through the day and schedule regular “water breaks”.

2. When foods help you hydrate

Consume foods that have a high water content and you will never complain. Ideally, there are certain foods that help in hydrating and you can avoid the harmful additives that are found in processed packaged drinks. Fruits are the best as they contain a great percentage of water compared to other foods and juices. Another great source is the consumption of whole foods, such as vegetables, yogurt and the like. These are water rich foods and will boost hydration levels in the body.

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3. Clear the Caffeine …Slightly maybe

Sadly, there are certain dehydrating effects of caffeine. Caffeine is diuretic, meaning that it causes one to urinate more often that usual. Excessive consumption of coffee, sodas and other caffeine-filled items can cause a hindrance in your quest for hydration.

4. Sweat it out but restore the fluids

The body cools itself when it sweats. The evaporation of sweat does the work. The more you sweat, the more fluids you will be requiring to restore. It isn’t unusual to lose a lot of sweat during the summer. therefore monitor the amount of fluid intake accordingly.

5. Keep in mind your health condition

Figuring out your water intake measures depending upon your health conditions is extremely vital. For those with certain health issues, consult your doctor time to time regarding precautions and stay hydrated the healthy way.

6. Adjust the alcohol

Alcohol can cause you to become more dehydrated than usual during the summers. Consume it in moderation during the heat and make sure to drink those extra glasses of water following that to compensate.

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7. Revamp your workout regimes

Exercising is one of the most important components of both physical and mental health and there is no reason why you should stop it ever. However, during extreme heat conditions, the body tends to dehydrate more, and therefore, take extra measures to keep the body hydrated. Take enough healthy sports containing electrolytes apart from water during breaks of your workout routine. During treks and long  road trips, you should stick to food items that contain fibre and protein to boost your immunity.

8. Resort to cool showers

Even though going for a cool bath doesn’t hydrate you, it surely does keep you from sweating extensively, preventing extra loss of fluid.

9. As creative as it gets

Strangely, many find plain water boring, which in turn lead them to consume less of it. Humans need variety, sure. Therefore, make your drinking water more interesting. Try different things such as herbal tea, smoothies, lemon juices and raw juices. This increases the body’s water intake. Also, adding unrefined raw minerals to water will increase the effectiveness of absorption in the body.

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Bhawana Bisht is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv

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