At 48 Degrees, Here Are 10 Foods To Keep You Cool

Summer foods

The summer is upon us, and it is not going to be lenient on anyone. Summers in most cities of India are hell, especially Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. The best way to beat the summer heat is to stay ready and hydrated.

A lot of people get dehydrated during the summer and they don’t even know it. It is always better to have a goal of how much water you are going to drink in a day. Other than water, there are some fruits and vegetables that you can eat which will cool your system down. Here’s a list – make sure you’re stocked up on all.

Yogurt is a cooling agent. It helps your stomach to stay calm. Try and have one bowl with every meal, or you can make one glass of Lassi with every meal. Your choice.

Tender coconut // Pic credits: Indiamart

Coconut Water
This is the best way to stay hydrated in the summer. Coconut water is easily available in India, and the best thing to do is buy lots and put it in the fridge. Whenever you are back from work or from your errands in the sun, have one glass of cold coconut water, and feel it hydrate your body.

This is an age-old remedy for dehydration. Lemonade with a pinch of salt and sugar can rejuvenate the salts in your body. When the body sweats, there is a loss of important nutrients and salts. Lemon water restores that and also quenches your thirst.

The fruit contains 92% water, so each bite of this yummy fruit restores fluids in the body. Watermelon also contains about 6% of sugar, so it is a great way to keep cool during the summers.

Again, melon contains high percentages of water and is enjoyed by both kids and adults. Have some with every meal and it will help you stay cool.

Stay cool as a cucumber // Pic credits: Videohive

Where do you think the saying ‘cool as a cucumber’ came from? Cucumbers contain a lot of fibre and can help your bowels as well. If you’re not too fond of eating the vegetable, then you can try to put some slices on your eyes just to relax. In every way, cucumber helps you remain cool.

Mint Leaves
Mint can be grown at home, and of course the minty taste makes you feel refreshed. You can add mint leaves to your Lassi or your lemonade and have the benefit of cooling down with a refreshing taste.

Here’s something you can do with everything mentioned above and below. You can take some lemonade and watermelon juice and freeze it into a popsicle. This will give you the extra edge to stay cool when you are feeling extremely hot. Popsicles are a good way to beat the heat.

Another great tasting fruit which is also cooling and refreshing for your body. You can make popsicles or smoothies with pineapple.

Citrus fruits in general help you stay cool and hydrated. A glass of fresh orange juice in the morning can do wonders. They also help aid digestion so that your body does less work, and you have more energy to do things that are important.

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