Foods That Keep You Cool In Summers

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Foods That Keep You Cool In Summers

When I think of summer, I picture the sun sucking out all my energy with a straw.  The summers in most part of the country is unbearable and your energy levels are bound to drop low. In order to maintain your energy and to beat this scorching heat, certain foods are helpful.


We bring you a list of such food items that can help beat the summer heat:

1) Watermelon: Summer and watermelon do go hand in hand, watermelon has many magic properties that will help you stay cool in summer. Its high water content and minerals and vitamins help you beat the heat.

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2) Citrus Fruits: This involves the entire range, oranges, grapes, sweet lime, lemons, etc. All these fruits have high water content and act as antioxidants. They are rich in vitamins that are beneficial for health. And the sugar present in them helps restore your energy levels.

3) Cucumber: Also famed as the cool vegetable, cucumber can be eaten raw or you can also be cooked. Amongst vegetables, it has the highest water content. Cucumber keeps your body hydrated, costs little, has lots of fibre hence is highly recommended during summers.

4) Chia Seeds: Also called Tukmaria or Falooda seeds. Soak them in water, overnight and then drink the water. It’s tasty, refreshing, and keeps you hydrated.


5) Tender Coconut Water: It’s the nature’s version of energy drink, cheap and easily available. With its rich minerals  tender coconut is the magic summer drink.

6) Butter Milk: It's basically curd mixed in water, and both the ingredients act as cooling agents. That’s why we even apply it on sunburns.

7) Mint Leaves: Mint has amazing cooling properties, herbalists use it in making herbal teas, and various ointments. Mint is easily available, inexpensive herb which you can add to your drink or have as Chutney or throw a few sprigs in your daily dose of curd.

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Cool foods beat the summer heat hydrating foods.