Re-Hydrate Yourself With These Substitutes

In the daily rush of life, here are a few alternatives to water to re-hydrate your body.

Jul 16, 2016 04:55 IST
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A busy schedule allows for no room for self-care; a mistake most of us make. We often hear health is wealth, but how many of us actually follow the saying? One of the main health tips everyone constantly hears is that water is an important part of the health regime and to consume at least 8 glasses of it every day. While that is wise advice of course, we have different ways to “eat” water also.


Yes, you heard that right. There are a lot of foods that provide you with the much needed fluids that your body needs and we will tell you which ones you need to keep that energy up all day to get through work and well, life.


While these make for relaxing “eye patches” during a spa treatment, its benefits are more when consumed in your diet. Feeling those hunger pangs? Reach out for these instead of that chocolate bar. It has no calories, saturated fat or cholesterol and are high in vitamin K.


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Did you know that this juicy fruit is actually 92% of water? A great source of vitamin C, this fruit needs to be included in your diet now! Although, this is a seasonal fruit, you must ensure that it makes to your plate. Cut these up and take them with you at work!



This is one veggie that is quite often overlooked by most of us. Known to be a great source of potassium and vitamin K, celery is also rich in minerals and high in fiber. Its stalks are essentially 95% water. By the way, a yummy way to consume celery is with peanut butter. Give it a try!

Coconut Water


This works like magic! It is water, except only much more delicious and more nutritious. Starting your day with naariyal paani is one of the things you absolutely have to do. It is also a great hangover remedy as it de-hydrates the body with all the lost minerals and nutrients.

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Skim milk

All those times you’ve cursed your mother for having forced milk down your throat, this is the time to thank her. It is a great source of calcium and keeps your bones in good shape. Although, now you can advance to slim milk, which does not have the fats that the normal processed milk does. According to a research, it is better to drink a glass of milk than a sports drink after your exercise as they hydrate much better.


You can always whisk up some smoothies for yourself or some juice before you leave your house for the day. Replace drinking water with other substitutes, as they will provide you with varied nutrients that your body needs to stay energized. Especially during summers, it is of utmost importance to stay hydrated through the day or it can lead to headaches and sickness.

Keep those energy levels up and get on with your daily routine! Drink up your nutrients!

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