A bride in China recently drove a bus to her wedding. She chose the bus over a car as it is a relatively lower carbon emitting means of transport. Consequently, her grand entrance to the venue left the people mesmerized. Asian Age reported, “She drove a bus to her wedding and picked up her husband on the way. The vehicle was decorated with balloons and pictures as the woman sat behind the wheel in a wedding gown and veil.”

In the Indian Scenario

In India too, many new age brides are breaking traditional norms and procedures. Be it as a sign of independence, empowerment or rebellion, some women are defying the traditional norms to make a bigger statement. Some of these instances in India quickly became a matter of national conversation.

In January this year, a bride in Rajasthan rode a horse-drawn carriage for her wedding. The ritual traditionally involves the groom riding a horse carriage to the house or the temple. By reversing the tradition, the bride chose to spread a message about gender equality. She also used the platform to tell the locals that their daughters are in no way inferior to their sons.

Similarly, in a recent event, a bride in Patna took her baarat to the groom’s house in a bid to send an empowerment message. Traditionally, the groom’s family brings the baraat to the bride’s house or to the wedding venue. As a result, her reversal of the traditional ceremony left a message about women empowerment.

Women are also breaking the set expectations from a bride. Often, brides are expected to behave in a shy manner, remaining poised and cultured. Expectations levied on them also reflect the highly patriarchal tendency of making the bride ‘submissive’. However, a carefree and joyous bride recently danced to Punjabi tunes on her wedding day. Dressed in choli and jeans, she rocked some Bhangra steps that took the internet by storm. Her video quickly went viral and sent a powerful message that brides need not always be shy and ‘sanskaari’.

Picture Credit: chinesetimeschool.com

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