Tired Of Breastfeeding Demands, Chhattisgarh Woman Brutally Kills Her Toddler: Report

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Chhattisgarh breastfeeding murder: A woman in the Korba area of Chhattisgarh allegedly murdered her baby, troubled over his demands for food, police said Thursday. Her son was two years old. Police have registered a case against the woman and a probe is underway.

As per a PTI report, officials on the case said the woman had been facing a “psychological problem” since 2014 and was being treated for the same.

(Trigger warning: The following contains details of brutal assault and may be disturbing for some. Reader discretion is advised.) 

The woman allegedly banged her son on the floor of their house, which led him to sustain multiple head injuries. He was rushed to a hospital, police said, but was declared dead. The incident occurred on Wednesday.

“The police have detained the woman and questioned her,” Outlook quoted a senior official saying.

Chhattisgarh Breastfeeding Murder Sends Shockwaves: Similar Cases

In April this year, a woman reportedly killed her month-old daughter by dumping her in a public toilet in Faridkot, Punjab. She was the mother of two daughters and a son, and was allegedly bothered with the birth of another girl. She was arrested on the complaint of her husband.

Another disturbing case emerged from Maharashtra this year in February, wherein a father, allegedly annoyed by his infant daughter’s cries for sweets, repeatedly slammed her head on the door, leading to her death. Reports from 2018 Maharashtra claim a mother allegedly killed her sick toddler, fed up by his constant crying, and tried to pass his murder off as an accident.

An incident of a parent strangulating his daughter to death, since he didn’t want a girl, also surfaced from Ranchi last year. In 2017, a Jharkhand man ended his 3-year-old daughter’s life in fear that his pregnant wife will produce another girl, as per reports.

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