Baby Dies After Father Smashes Her Head For Crying

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Father kills crying baby in Maharashtra: (Trigger warning: Some readers may find the following details disturbing. Discretion advised.)

In Maharashtra, a man allegedly killed his infant daughter after she cried, by slamming her head on a door. As per reports, the incident occurred in the Lonara village of the Gondia district on Tuesday. The 28-year-old accused has been arrested, police said. 

According to the mother, the 20-month-old baby was crying and pleading for sweets. To stop her from crying, the mother asked her husband for Rs 5 so she could buy sweets for her daughter. This prompted the man to pick up their daughter and allegedly smash her head repeatedly on a door.

Father Kills Crying Baby: Other Similar Incidents Of Violence 

The infant reportedly sustained multiple injuries, to which she succumbed on the spot, police claim. The woman even said her husband engaged in domestic violence against her. 

In a shocking report from Ranchi last year, a man allegedly strangulated his one-and-a-half-year-old daughter to death, anguished with her crying. 

Another crime involved a two-day-old girl reportedly found stabbed with a screwdriver, her body wrapped in a shawl and dumped beside a temple in Bhopal.