Bihar: Disapproving Family Allegedly Kills Girl And Her Boyfriend

Bihar honour killing Panipat Honour Killing
Bihar honour killing: In Jamui district of Bihar a teen couple was allegedly killed by the girl’s family members  on Tuesday. The pair reportedly belonged to the same community and had gone to a temple to tie the knot. The deceased couple were found to be hanging from a tree, as per reports.

According to reports, the girl had informed her mother that she was heading out for some work while her boyfriend was out to purchase sugar.

“As the girl’s father and others got agitated on seeing her with the boy and the girl with vermilion marks on her head at a temple.” said Pramod Kumar Mandal who is the Jamui police Superintendent.

The married couple was allegedly dragged to a field by the accused and strangled to death post which their bodies were hung from a tree.

It has also been reported by Hindustan Times  that as per the investigation, three of the girl’s brothers-in-law who have been charged for homicide, hold earlier criminal records. The alleged killings are believed to have been “spontaneous” according to the police.

The girl’s father has been arrested and the rest of the family members are on the run. The locals of the area condemned the act and organised a protest expressing their disapproval regarding the same while demanding the imprisonment of the accused in the case.

As per reports, in the last six months, this is the second time an alleged murder of this nature has taken place in the district. Recently, a seven-year-old girl was allegedly raped and murdered in Bihar’s east district of Champaran.

The neighbour of the deceased girl is a suspect. The girl’s family alleged that the 35-year-old took the minor away from home and allegedly raped and killed her. The girl was at a neighbour’s house where she had visited to watch television. It has been reported that the accused has not been arrested as yet and that police are looking for them.

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