In Bihar Gangraped Woman Hung Naked, Here’s What We Know About This Horrific Incident

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Bihar Gangraped Woman Hung Naked: In Bihar, in a brutal gangrape case that came to light on Tuesday a woman was gangraped, beaten, and hung from an electric pole.

The incident occurred in Bihar‘s Chakhabib Rudhiya village of Samastipur which comes under Vibhutipur Police station area, on Tuesday. The woman was left there to die, but was subsequently found by the locals in an unconscious state. She is now in the hospital, fighting for her life.

(Trigger Warning: The following contains details of sexual assault that some may find extremely disturbing. Reader discretion highly advised.)

Here’s what we know about the Bihar gangrape case so far:

  1. On the morning of May 25, the woman went out to use a public toilet. She was then approached by some men, who took her away to an isolated place.
  2. The men allegedly raped her and threatened to kill her, if she complained to anyone about the incident. Besides raping her, the miscreants also stole her jewellery.
  3. She was then hung naked on an electric pole. The men reportedly left her there, thinking that she was dead.
  4. After some time, a villager found her, and raised an alarm about it. She was first taken to the Dalsinghsarai sub-divisional hospital, and later shifted to the Samastipur Sadar Hospital. The survivor is now undergoing treatment.
  5. The woman is still in an unconscious state, and her statement is yet to be recorded. The police are questioning her family for now.
  6. Some locals in the area caught seven people, and suspected them of committing the crime. They were handed over to the police for questioning.
  7. Meanwhile, the woman’s family said that they were involved in making preparations for a wedding ceremony. This led to the area being crowded by many unknown people.
  8. Many labourers were involved in readying up the place for the wedding. Many suspect the  labourers’ involvement in the Bihar gangrape case.
  9. The police are still investigating the matter, and no arrests have been made so far.

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