Bihar’s ‘Dadi Mukhiya’ Urmila Devi Eyes Place In Panchayat At Age 90

urmila devi in bihar panchayat
At the age of 90, Urmila Devi in Bihar panchayat polls is contesting for a mukhiya position from where she will be able to serve society and work towards its upliftment, as she believes is her calling. She stepped into local politics five years ago and is currently on the panchayat as head for Hathini village in Rohtas district – the first woman in that role. And she is not stopping anytime soon.

“[I] still want to take care of the people of my panchayat as a grandmother,” New Indian Express quotes her saying.

Age and formal education seem but small obstacles on the road to empowerment when motivation is the driver, as Urmila Devi proves. Despite only having studied till class 7 and now saddled with the weight of years on her old shoulders, her wisdom of village dynamics serves her well for leadership.

For her people and their right to resources, Urmila Devi reportedly travels extensively everyday. Other times, people come to her with their problems. Dadi mukhiya she is fondly called by them.

Urmila Devi In Bihar Panchayat Polls Becomes An Icon Of Inspiration

Even at her age, she is working relentlessly towards a panchayat seat ahead of the polling that begins September 24. According to reports, she is out and about with her son, meeting villagers and listening to their concerns.

Her vision beyond what differentiates people renders her a well-respected, dependable figure in local areas. Women voters say they look up to Urmila Devi for the pioneering work she is taking up for gender representation in grassroots politics and the encouragement it offers for equality.

Urmila Devi’s story has earned much applause on social media for the inspirational value it carries, not just for women and young girls, but senior citizens too who are beholding the truth that age is only just a number after all!

Image: Navbharat Times

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