Bicycle Baraat In UP Pedals Eco Conservation Message

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Conservation of environment is increasingly becoming a crucial issue to tackle all around the world. The need to spread awareness is an important responsibility for us as citizens. One such initiative was taken by a groom and his baraat in UP’s Pratapgarh district on Sunday, April 15, as reported by TOI. 

The natives of Ibrahimpur, Pure Kharag Rai and adjoining villages in UP‘s Pratapgarh district were taken by surprise as they witnessed the ‘baraat’ on bicycles, pedalling their way to the bride’s place. The idea behind this unique undertaking was solely to spread awareness about environment conservation.

Javendra Kumar, the groom, alongside two dozen ‘baraatis’, rode about 2 km from Pure Kharag Rai to Ibrahimpur village of Bojhi gram panchayat in Mandhata. On their way to the wedding venue, a lot of people in the crowd captured images and videos of this unique ‘baraat’. The baraat received immense appreciation for their efforts in spreading awareness about the conservation of environment.

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On Sunday, soon after the bicycle baraat arrived at the venue, Kumar, the groom, married the bride, Chanda Devi. Kumar is a resident of Alawal village in Allahabad, whereas, Chanda Devi belongs to Pure Kharag Rai.

Ajay Krantikari, an environment activist, was behind this initiative. Krantikari convinced the groom and his family members to pedal with the baraat to the venue. The volunteers of Paryavaran Sena gifted a cycle to the groom.

Krantikari told TOI:

“The idea behind the groom and his family members cycling to the bride’s house was to spread awareness about environment conservation. The people and officials hugely appreciated the initiate, despite a less number of pedalling baraatis.”

The groom, stated, “Youths should come forward for such noble causes. Every individual should make efforts to save the environment.”

Krantikari also mentioned how the people who attended the wedding took a pledge for environment conservation. “If we want to save fuel and protect our environment, we have to take small steps that help save environment.”

A large number of weddings take place every year using many vehicles. Using bicycles for covering small distances would not only check pollution, but also help maintain the purity of air in rural areas.

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Bhawana is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv