BBC Says Sorry To Senior Journo For Underpaying Her

BBC sorry senior journo

BBC China said they have apologised to senior journalist Carrie Gracie who quit due to pay disparity. They said they settled the issue by giving her back pay, reported Indian Express.

The senior female journalist had quit in January as the BBC China editor as two male editors were earning more than her. She was being paid a salary of 135,000 pounds a year. Carrie resorted back to a job in the newsroom.

Rectifying Mistakes

Gracie had resigned and said that she was shocked to find that BBC’s two male international editors earned “at least 50 per cent more” than her and their other female counterparts

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The British broadcasters accepted and apologised for the mistake. The company released a statement saying,“The BBC acknowledges the specific circumstances relating to Carrie’s appointment, apologises for underpaying Carrie, and has now put this right. Carrie is donating the full amount received to a charity of her choice.”

Gracie acknowledged and said, “I am glad to have been able to resolve this. It shows that we can make progress.”

Gracie added that she is “delighted to donate all the backdated pay from the BBC to help women striving for equality at work.”

BBC Director general Tony Hall also added, “I am pleased that we’ve been able to move past our differences and work through things together; we can now look to the future.”

What now?

Reportedly, Gracie will now be taking up to six months of unpaid leave. She will pick up writing and speaking projects related to China and gender equality.

In a very supportive move after Gracie’s resignation, about six male BBC presenters stepped up for her. After the issue of disparities in salaries of females and males were revealed, they agreed to take pay cuts.

Picture Credit: The Times of Israel

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