In an act of daredevilry, an 8-year-old girl saved her two-year-old brother from being gored by a cow. The incident took place in Navilagon village in Honnavar taluk of Karnataka on Tuesday morning (Feb 13).

The incident

The girl, Arati, was playing with her brother Kartik in front of their house and a cow came running towards them. Kartik was sitting on a tricycle and Arati was pushing it. He was wearing a red shirt. According to the father, the cow got drawn by it.

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As the cow appeared to go for her brother, Arati intervened quickly. She picked him up and rushed towards a corner. This didn’t deter the cow who followed the duo. Kartik seemed to be slipping, but Arati held onto him tightly and quickly turned towards the wall. The cow gored while she yelled in fear.

Listening to her cries, her family members rushed out and chased away the cow. Arati took Kartik inside and secured him. Her brave and timely act was captured by a CCTV camera attached to her father’s jewellery shop.

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The valiant girl is the second of three children of Kiran Shet, an LIC adviser and jeweller. She was home on Tuesday morning as her school in Dhareshwar had declared a holiday for Shivaratri.

“I had no time to think. At that moment, my only aim was to save my brother. Thank God, he escaped unhurt,” – Arati

Appreciation for Arati

Asha, Arati’s mother, hailed her for her timely act. “This shows that girls are not any less than boys. Initially, we did not understand the gravity of the incident. Only when we watched the CCTV footage did we realise that Arati had fought back and saved the child. Had she not applied her mind, Kartik’s life would have been in danger,” Asha said.

More power to her!

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