65-Year-Old Woman Saves 8 Kids From Drowning

Woman clears blocked road

Heavy rains in Karnataka wreaked havoc on people’s lives and the city’s infrastructure. The death toll, too, is continuously increasing. But thanks to some Good Samaritans, several people managed to wriggle out unscathed. One such gutsy woman is Jayamma, a resident of Kurubarahalli, who jeopardized her own life to rescue eight children from drowning in the flood waters.

On Friday (October 13), Jayamma rushed out when flood water entered her house. Thereafter, the 65-year-old realised that her tenants’ children were stuck inside their homes. Their parents were out for work and there was no one to help them.

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“It was dark and I could only see those helpless children inside. The water was already at knee level and I knew that if I did not get them out immediately, disaster would have struck,” the widow told The New Indian Express

She pulled them out but it proved to be a Hurculean task. After completing three trips, she managed to rescue all eight children.

“All I could think of was taking the children to safety. I think God gave me the strength to do it,” she said.

Jayamma had rented two tiny houses on Kurubarahalli 18th cross to the migrant families from Raichur and Gangavathy.

She knew that she will have to bear the cost of rescuing the children from the claws of death as most of her furniture got washed away. She is, however, altruistic enough to put the thought away and do what was the need of the hour.

“I knew the furniture inside my house, ration and clothes would all be washed away. But I can get them back anytime. How could I ever forgive myself if anything happened to the children?” she said.

It is because of audacious women like her that our faith in humanity gets reaffirmed.

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