3-Year-Old Girl Saves Friend From Drowning In Pond

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A 3-year-old, A. Chandana, saved her friend  from drowning in a pond. Unbelievable? But that is exactly what happened in Annur, Coimbatore, on November 10.

The duo was returning after buying chocolates from a shop when Chandana’s friend C. Reetha, stepped on some cow dung on the road and decided to wash her slippers in the pond water. That’s when she slipped and started drowning

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At first, Chandana tried to pull her friend out of the pond. According to personnel from the Department of Women and Child Welfare, her attempt failed and she ran to Reetha’s house and alerted her father Chandrashekar. But he when did not pay heed thinking her words as childish ramble, Chandana ran to her own house and called her father Ajithkumar.

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Ajithkumar rushed to the pond and rescued Reetha. She was given first aid at Annur and rushed to a hospital, police sources said.

According to the police, Reetha was in the hospital for two days and has now completely recuperated.

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Reetha’s parents, Chandrashekar and Vinutha, expressed their gratitude towards Chandana and her father for rescuing their daughter in time. The Department of Women and Child Welfare is contemplating recommending Chandana for the State or National Bravery Award.

It is great to see young girls becoming stellar examples of courage and humanity. Chandana’s great presence of mind saved her friend’s life.

More power to girls like Chandana!

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