Delhi: Girl fights Armed Robbers; Saves Mother

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Umera, (25) a brave girl residing in Motiya Khan area of Delhi’s Sadar Bazaar showed exemplary courage by fighting off two robbers and saving herself and her mother Mohammed Shahjabeen.

On Wednesday (8th November) Umera, daughter of a businessman, was alone at home with her mother when the two robbers with muffled faces and a pistol barged into the house at around 8:30 am.

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According to Umera, the robbers threatened them to keep mum. Some minutes later, one of the assailants started attacking Mohammed Shahjabeen, her mother, and began assaulting her. Umera attempted to save her mother, but they reportedly pushed her away and warned them to stay quiet and handover all the valuables to them.

The daughter displayed great presence of mind by latching on the assailant’s hand. She opened the window of her house and cried for help.

Fearing their life, the two robbers fleed. However, the neighbours, who were timely alerted, followed them, the robbers managed to flee from the spot. In the melee, the robbers had left behind a bag at the spot while escaping. The accused are absconding and further investigations are underway.

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Police rushed to the spot and seized the bag.

“The bag contained sharp objects, rope, a few cloth pieces. It looked like the robbers had made all preparations to rob the house. However, their bid was foiled by Ms Umera. The police registered a case under Arms Act and attempt to rob and has launched a manhunt to nab them,” said a police official.

Instances of women risking their own lives to save their family members debunk myths related to women’s physical strength.

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