This Raksha Bandhan, Sister donates Kidney to Ailing Brother

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Even if the society continues to believe it's a brother's duty to protect his sister, the same goes for a sister too. A sister too knows the value of her beloved brother . This Raksha Bandhan witnessed a 48-year-old woman's selfless deed for her brother. She became the saviour by donating her kidney to her younger brother.


When Vandana Chandra learnt about her brother’s Vivek Sarabhoy (38) was suffering from a prolonged illness and had lost both his kidneys, she agreed to donate one of her kidneys to him. The transplant was successfully done at the Apollo Hospital, New Delhi.

At the beginning of the festive season when the country is celebrating Raksha Bandhan this sibling-duo has broken the gender stereotype.

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When asked about the condition of Vivek before his sister's decision, the senior advocate Sarabhoy of Agra district court said to TOI, "We had approached several government and private hospitals including AIIMS, Vardhman Mahavir Medical College, Safdarjung, Lucknow SGPGI, Vedanta, Apollo and others, but couldn't find any donor, even several attempts by family members for a successful transplant had failed, making my situation critical and leaving me little time."

"It was then that my sister stepped forward and volunteered for the cause. She gave me a second life," he added.

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Vandana's sacrifice is significant because she took care of her own family and stepped forward for her brother.

The mother of a 12-year-old daughter and married to Noida-based civil engineer Punit Chandra, Vandana, who is in Agra to celebrate Raksha Bandhan said, "I love my brother, he had been there for me during my tough times. This Raksha Bandhan holds much significance for me, as Vivek has got a second lease of life. He came back from the jaws of death."

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She further added, "Everyone should register themselves for organ donation, so that the needy can be cured. There is nothing more important than saving the life of a human."

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