MP Woman Fights Leopard To Save Herself And Daughter

Charvi Kathuria
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A 24-year-old woman in Madhya Pradesh village fought bravely against a leopard to save herself and her baby daughter from the claws of death.


According to official reports, the leopard attacked the mother-daughter duo in Morena district when she was walking through the forest to go to her parent’s house in the nearby village.

The incident took place on Friday (27th October) but came to light on Sunday (29th October) when the woman, Asha, was admitted to a hospital in a critical condition.

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“The leopard pounced on me when I was walking in an agriculture land inside the forest. The big cat’s push threw me on the floor. But, I could manage to get up by firmly holding my daughter in my arm and started running," she told Asian Age.

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Narrating the horrifying ordeal, Asha said the wild animal soon caught up with her and tried to snatch her daughter. Asha then tried to choke the leopard. While the leopard wounded her on the shoulders and arms with its claws, Asha managed to maintain her grip over its neck. The fight reportedly went on for about 30 minutes


Hearing the woman's cries, some villagers working in the nearby fields rushed to the spot and started attacking the leopard. The leopard eventually ran away.

The woman has suffered deep wounds in her arms and shoulders.

The local divisional forest officer A.K. Ansari has assured that he has launched an operation to track down the leopard.

Last month, a woman from Gujarat also exhibited great valour by fighting with a leopard who was trying to harm her six-year-old son. She had used a plastic bobbin to scare away the big cat.

Hats off to these women for showing great courage!

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