Looking For Unconventional Love? These 5 Web Series Are For You

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Unconventional and unusual love stories, do they even exist? Tales of romance for years have relied on the now-tired trope of girl meets boy, the pull of attraction that bears all odds and an eventual happily ever after. But how much insight have these stories given us into the individuality of protagonists? They exist as two halves of a whole, lost until they meet each other, their only purpose of existence henceforth and forever. Their other identities forgotten, themes other than love unexplored.

But it’s time to suck the sap out. Today, we need love stories that empower, that are more than just about partnerships, that tell us love may or may not always happen but what matters is you. The world of OTT comprises Indian web series that have something different to offer. Not only are the characters well developed but they also show how all love stories don’t have a fairytale ending and that unexpected is good.

Here are five unusual love stories to leave you feeling good:

1. Mismatched (Netflix)

Dimple and Rishi are two people who are least likely to fall in love. Whereas Rishi has the traits of a romantic, believes in old school love and is fond of Bollywood movies, Dimple is the exact opposite. She is an ambitious woman with no dreams of falling in love and getting married. The deviation from the norm of projecting women as more romantic dreaming to find a suitable groom is what makes the series stand out.

As the story proceeds and love begins to blossom between them, we are hopeful that by the end of the last episode, we’ll see them as a happy couple setting relationship goals for the youth. The unfortunate turn of events, however, brings about twists in the plot and as the series ends, rather abruptly, we are left with a dozen of questions and our expectations are all shattered. What we can do is wait for the next season of Mismatched and see if things fall in place or not.

2. Broken But Beautiful (Alt Balaji)

Broken But Beautiful is the story of two people who have lost their loved ones. Veer finds it impossible to part with the memories of Alina, his dead wife. He keeps blaming himself for her accident and hallucinates her every now and then. Sameera, on the other hand is addicted to her ex-boyfriend Kartik who left her without any concrete explanation. Veer and Sameera help each other heal and move on. As the first season nears its conclusion, we find the two characters growing closer. Going by the norm, the viewers are sure of them uniting at the end, especially after they share a kiss.

Season 2 of Broken But Beautiful begins with Veer and Sameera parting their ways and not seeing each other for about a year. Our hopes are once again ignited when they finally meet and spend a night together. To our shock, Sameera refuses to confess her love to Veer. When the viewers see Sameera and Arhaan getting married, they inevitably expect the marriage to be called off. But it doesn’t happen.

Once the two get married, we assume it to be the end of what might have been a beautiful love story. The climax comes when Arhaan discovers Sameera’s love for Veer and sets her free from the bond of marriage without any grudges. It is one of those unusual love stories that not only delves deep into the complexities of human relationships but also human psyche.

Unusual love stories: The tide against the norm

3. Flames (TVF Play)

Stretching over two seasons, for a long time, Flames doesn’t offers much except a simple and cute teenage love affair between Ishita and Rajat. Seeing them break up after Rajat’s mother comes to know about his relationship, saddens the viewers. What makes me include it in the list of unusual love stories is its ending.

As per the norms, we find couples ending their relationships in bitterness. But Ishita and Rajat prove how you can resolve your quarrels and misunderstandings and remain friends, if not partners. When Ishita is diagnosed with depression, Rajat promises to be by her side as a good friend and that makes their story unique.

4. Bandish Bandits (Amazon Prime)

Radhe and Tamanna hardly have anything in common except their love for music. While Radhe is determined to make a career in Indian Classical music and believes in hard work, Tamanna is a popstar who is more adept at making use of shortcuts. What begins as a roleplay for them, gradually turns into an intimate love story. Contrary to the idea ‘heartbreaks make you successful’ as we see in Rockstar and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, it is Radhe’s love for Tamanna that pushes him to get better with his skills.

Their constant support for each other leads us into believing that nothing can possibly go wrong between them. Our hopes are smashed when Tamanna decides to walk out of Radhe’s life for his good. However, she does return to boost his confidence during a live performance. This rekindles our predictions to see their unison. But we find her leaving to restart her career. The ending is thus a poignant one. Let’s wait for the next season of the web series to arrive and see what happens.

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5. Never Kiss Your Best Friend (Zee 5)

Based on Sumrit Shahi’s novel, Never Kiss Your Best Friend is more about friendship than love. The plot, though predictable has several layers and isn’t a simple two best friends falling in love kind of story. Tani realises that she loves Sumer after two failed relationships. When Tani finally decides to confess her love to Sumer, she fails and has to leave due to unavoidable circumstances. They meet after a period of four years and are finally together.

What seems to be a perfect love story with a perfect closure leaves us heartbroken as we learn about their break up in the second season. Thus, this is another unconventional love story dealing with the idea that two people who seem to be made for each other might not make a happy couple ultimately.

These unusual love stories don’t present men as being dominant on their partners and women as simply succumbing to them. Men can be more romantic than their partners. They can be vulnerable or find it difficult to move on. Most important of all, men can be weak and cry to let their emotions out. Similarly, women can be more ambitious and stronger than males. They can be liberated, outspoken and bold.

Therefore, the unconventional love stories mentioned don’t just offer us varied themes and stories which we don’t usually find in the mainstream cinema or daily soaps, they also present us with characters who are not stereotypical or traditional. It feels good to see the Indian media slowly progressing and thinking out of the box.

Views expressed are the author’s own.