7 Romantic Korean Dramas You Can Binge On A Valentine’s Day Date

Romantic Korean dramas
Romantic Korean Dramas: We have been stuck in our homes for too long now. Over time if you have become comfortable with it then you’re probably not leaving your room on this Valentine’s day as well.

Under those circumstances, a cosy indoor romantic date could be most fitting to pamper your beau. And to pump up the celebration here’s a curated list of binge-worthy romantic Korean dramas. 

The k-dramas are well-known for the endearing, fascinating and unconventional love stories. From romancing aliens to k-pop idols, these shows have everything you can imagine (or not imagine). 

Here’s a list of romantic Korean dramas for your valentine’s day binge fest:

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, is a fantasy rom-com (Yes, a whole package) based on the love story of a warrior who has now resurrected as a Goblin. One of the highest-rated k-dramas of all time, the Gong-Yoo starrer follows the story of this mysterious man, who has been cursed to live. In a strange encounter, immortal goblin Kim-Shin meets the woman who will lift the curse. Besides the cutesy love story of these two characters, what’s equally fascinating is the equation of the frenemy duo- the Goblin and the Grim-reaper.

Where to watch: Netflix


What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

Secretary Kim has been working for Lee Yeong Joon, the vice president of a family-owned business, and now after nine years, she decides to resign. Yeong Joon, played by Park Seo Joon, finds this sudden change unacceptable. The ‘narcissistic’ boss is now determined to make his secretary stay and their love blooms in the process. (P.S. Or you can just watch it because it has Park Seo Joon, the most sought-after k-drama star)

Where to watch: Netflix


Crash Landing On You

Well, take the title literally here. It’s a love story that spans in an unexpected backdrop of South Korea and North Korea (you read that correctly). Son Ye Jin is a rich South Korean girl who’s adventurous paragliding incident lands her in the forbidden military lines of the neighbouring country. Here, she meets a North Korean army officer, Hyun Bin. Other than the interesting narrative following the main couple, who belong to disputed countries, the show also shows North Korea in a different light. 

Where to watch: Netflix


Itaewon Class

Set in the backdrop of the cosmopolitan and multicultural district of South Korea, Itaewon Class is mainly the story of a determined ex-con, Park Saeroyi, who wants to establish a soaring business in Itaewon. An unconventional couple Saeroyi and Jo Yi Seo, chase their dreams and achieve it all with their friends by their side in the journey. 

Where to watch: Netflix


Her Private Life

Sung Deok-mi, a talented art gallery curator, has failed to find love in real life. She is a fanatic fangirl, who believes “fangirls are born” and takes her “job” as a stan pretty seriously. After rumours spread about Deok-mi dating a k-pop idol, Sian, her boss Ryan Gold steps in to save the day. They fake a relationship to escape the fury of fans and of course, eventually, fall for each other. (P.S- Her Private Life is a must-watch for a k-pop fan.)

Where to watch: Netflix


Reply 1988

A high-school romance story, set up in the ’80s, this show is part of a series of flashback stories. Childhood sweethearts who gradually fall in love as they grow up. Reply 1988 follows the lives of 5 friends living on the same street in a neighbourhood called Ssangmundong in Seoul.

Where to watch: Netflix


My Love From The Star 

Do Min-jun, an alien who came to earth 400 years ago, is stuck on Earth and trying to adapt to this planet. Just when it’s about the time for his return, Min Jun bumps into Cheon Song-yi, an A-listed actor. Song-Yi, who is now Min Jun’s new neighbour, drags him into unpredictable situations. Watch on to see how the love story of an alien and a human unfolds.

Where to watch: Netflix