STP Exclusive: Four Stars Share Their Hacks In Mental Health Journey

In today's world, we all face various difficulties in life, no matter our age or where we are in life's journey. SheThePeople spoke to a few women from the entertainment industry and delved into their stories

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Stars Share Their Personal Life Mantras

In today's world, we all face various difficulties in life, no matter our age or where we are in life's journey. We've all made mistakes and learned from them. We're still growing and trying to improve, taking one step at a time.


SheThePeople spoke to a few women from the entertainment industry and delved into their stories. Each of them, at different stages of life, has encountered their share of challenges and has discovered their own mantras for navigating life's unpredictable twists and turns. Their experiences offer valuable insights into the importance of mental health, resilience, and finding balance in the hustle and bustle of their professions.

4 Stars Share Their Personal Life Mantras For Overcoming Challenges

Alaya F 

Alaya F in an exclusive conversation with us, shared how she sees this hustle culture and what her mantra is to deal with it. She shared that she has this thing where, when she works, she only works, she works madly, and she gives 100 per cent of the focus and energy she should give. But when she's not working and is on holiday or taking a break, she doesn't even take a single phone call about work because it's her time. That way, she gets balance in her life.

She says she is a big believer in hustling; she "hustles to figure it out, grab the opportunity, and get it done", and now even more than ever. She added, "In my industry, as actors, we work non-stop, and then suddenly we sit at home, and then we work non-stop again, so this works in a loop. That's why my profession allows me to have that balance in my life in a lot of ways."

Navya Nanda 


Navya Nanda spoke to SheThePeople and talked about how she deals with societal pressure and what's her go-to mantra for life. She candidly shared that she views life as a journey where the outcomes don't always align with one's expectations.

Nanda expressed deep gratitude for the opportunities life has bestowed upon her and revealed that she approaches everything with a balanced perspective. She said, "I think it is part of life; sometimes what you want to happen vs. what really happens doesn’t always match up; at least for me, I am very grateful for the things that I have been given in life, and I take everything with a pinch of salt."

If a desired outcome materialises, she commits wholeheartedly to it. However, if things don't go as planned, she doesn't let it dishearten her. Instead, she remains determined, motivated, and focused on her goals. Navya's resilience shines through, as she sees setbacks not as obstacles but as opportunities to push herself further and keep striving.

Navya Naveli Nanda

Kalki Koechlin

Kalki Koechlin also shared her life philosophy during a panel discussion with SheThePeople. She emphasised the significance of mental health and having a reliable support system during life's challenges. Koechlin believes that maintaining mental health requires having a consistent practice or ritual, whether it's therapy, meditation, or even journaling. According to her, these practices serve as inner reflections that help individuals reconnect with themselves during tough times, reminding them of their inner strength and identity.


She said, “Whether it's therapy, meditation, or even journaling, something which you can lean on when things are tough, which is basically inner reflection, something which helps you look inside yourself and remember who you are."

She also highlighted the evolving awareness surrounding mental health and how it shapes our perception of “safety nets”. Koechlin expressed her gratitude for the increasing conversations about mental health, acknowledging that previous generations may have had their own forms of inner reflection, such as her mother's love for gardening or her grandmother's habit of diary writing.

Recognising the importance of having a safety net, Kalki explained that while ideally, it consists of family, loved ones, or friends, there are moments in life when those support systems may not be readily available. In such cases, individuals must find alternative sources of strength and resilience.

Dolly Singh

According to Dolly Singh, therapy is just as crucial as taking medication when you're ill. In a recent interview with SheThePeople, Singh discussed the impact of social media on mental well-being and highlighted the significance of therapy in today's world.


She shared that in the past when she met people, they often felt disappointed as they anticipated her to match the persona of her humorous characters from her sketches. This experience left her feeling low and led her to withdraw from meeting new people, causing her to doubt herself. This was the turning point when she chose to seek therapy. She emphasised the transformative effect therapy had on her life and mindset. Singh now possesses coping strategies that assist her during challenging moments. She stressed that therapy doesn't necessarily involve crying for months before seeking help; sometimes, it's as simple as reaching out to a therapist who can lend an understanding ear.

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