Alaya F On Upcoming Thriller U-Turn, Hustle Culture And Why She's Happy With Her Filmography

In an exclusive interview with SheThePeople, Alaya F discusses starring in the official remake of the hugely successful 2016 Kannada thriller U-Turn, and her thoughts on remake trend

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Alaya F Interview
Alaya F, who made her Bollywood debut in 2020's Jawaani Jaaneman, starring Saif Ali Khan, was recently seen in movies Freddy and Almost Pyaar with DJ Mohabbat. Her new spooky thriller, U-Turn, will soon be ready for release.

The movie was an official remake of the hugely successful 2016 Kannada thriller U-Turn, directed by Pavan. The movie was later remade in Tamil and Telugu, starring Samantha Prabhu. It received praise for its gripping storyline and compelling acting.

Bollywood actor Alaya F reprises Prabhu's role, while first-time director Arif Khan helms the film. The movie, which is produced by Ektaa Kapoor's Balaji Motion Pictures, will instead have a direct digital premiere on Zee5 on April 28. The movie tells the tale of a young reporter who looks into several suspicious deaths of people who broke traffic laws.

The movie's trailer, which debuted recently, shows that it's a blend of supernatural thrillers, a new genre in which Alaya F will appear. She says the film has everything in it, but what really pulled her in was the script.

When she sat for the narration part, she said she was hooked from start to finish and was completely involved in it. She continued, "While hearing the script, I had so many theories about who the bad guy was, but they were all wrong in the end." She added that the narration contained all the thrills that a thriller should have.

Alaya F Interview

On Pressure And Fear Of Comparison


As the other versions were blockbuster hits, Alaya F also discussed if she felt pressure to live up to the mark or the fear of being compared with the original actors. She says she always takes pressure, whether it is adaptation or not, because pressure keeps her motivated and keeps her going. About being compared, she said, it's a remake, but the characters are different, the thrills are still going to thrill you, and it's a remake, but it's also fresh in many ways. "However, a comparison is going to be there anyway and we can't do anything about it," she added.

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The actor, who has a modest number of films in her kitty but has played an array of characters each time, also revealed that she would be keen on playing Euphoria's character if the movie is to be remade in India.

On Doing Remakes


While remakes are on trend these days, we asked her asked what her personal preferences were, she said she does not have any personal preferences; as long as the film stands by itself, is relevant in its own space, and has enough room to perform for her, she will do it. She added, "Whether the film does well or not, I'm happy with my filmography, and when I look back, I feel proud that I did it because I only do films that I believe in. All of them add something special to my filmography, and they have a special place in my heart."

Work Mantra:

Alaya F is a young star; even an icon like Priyanka Chopra believes her to be the next superstar, which would have encouraged her to get her laces tight and strive for the best. But how did she see this hustle culture, and what's her mantra to deal with it? She shared that she has this thing where when she works, she only works, she works madly, and she gives 100 per cent of the focus and energy she should give. But when she's not working and is on her holiday or any break, she doesn't even take a single phone call about work because it's her time. That way, she gets balance in her life.

She says she is a big believer in hustling; she "hustles to figure it out, grab the opportunity, and get it done", and now even more than ever. She added, "In my industry, as actors, we work non-stop, and then suddenly we sit at home, and then we work non-stop again, so this works in a loop. That's why my profession allows me to have that balance in my life in a lot of ways."

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