Actor Jennifer Lawrence attended the promotional Red Sparrow photocall in London, in a black high front split gown. Just so you know, the maximum temperature in London was in single digit yesterday. The male cast which surrounds Lawrence in the photographs is not only fully clothed, but is wearing coats and comfortable shoes.

While Lawrence might have chosen the said attire as a representation of her character of a Russian femme fatale in the film, the photographs did make people wonder about the price women, especially celebrities, have to pay to be glamorous.

It did not take long for Twitter folks to feel sad at the sight of Lawrence standing in a mere velvet gown in between men wearing coats and boots. They began re-tweeting the photographs with the hashtag #CoatsForWomen

Was Lawrence not provided with a coat by her stylists, or did she choose to brave the London weather to promote her film? This will remain a mystery till the actor herself comments on the matter. However, it has brought forward how women freeze in the name of fashion, willingly or unwillingly.

Time to bring winter accessories in vogue

Many people have commented on Twitter how some women go out to party even in the peak of winter season sans coats, sweaters, caps etc. The willingness of these women to prioritise glamour over precaution against abrasive weather is another aspect of this story.

The chief reason for women to step out in the cold in insubstantial dresses is because winter accessories are not considered fashionable.

The people who decided that coats and fur caps were a punishable fashion offence, need a crash course on hypothermia. Someone should tell them how dangerous a rapid decrease in core body temperature can be. Maybe it’s time now, to normalise the use of winter accessories, instead of ending up in the hospital.

The glamour industry is a different ball game though

Fashion and glamour industry treat women as walking, talking hangers, meant to display latest fashion creations.

Factors like surroundings and temperature are definitely low on the priority list here, just as the health of the body which will display it. Lawrence comes across as a very frank person with a strong personality. She does not seem as someone who would let others decide whether or not she turns blue courtesy a dress. But such is the pressure to look glamorous and stunning. It can get to the best of the most powerful and compel them to voluntarily have their innards freeze and shiver.

The common misnomer that glamour is akin to a display of skin, turns into a health hazard for many incautious women in winters. Probably celebrities like Lawrence can set up better examples for others, by challenging this misplaced notion, instead of succumbing to it.

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Yamini Pustake Bhalerao is a writer with the SheThePeople team, in the Opinions section.  The views expressed are author’s own.

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