Lingerie Fashion Show In New York Promotes Body Positivity

An impromptu lingerie show in New York City’s Time Square highlighted body positivity. Organised by body positive activist and model KhrystyAna, the show portrayed a group of 25 women with diverse body types and skin tones.

The event was called “The Real Catwalk”, and was organised in response to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show which, said Ana, promoted an “overwhelming standard of one kind of beauty”.

“Sure, maybe some of you can’t relate to some of these women. It’s okay, the world of Fashion and media is changing to where everyone feels included and YES beautiful Because you are,” she posted on Instagram.

The show included women who were petite, curvy, women in wheelchairs, super fit women, and women with disabilities

Ana spoke about how women look at models in shows like the one for Victoria’s Secret and get discouraged about their bodies and faces.

“Neglecting to represent the many other types or ideals of beauty can make us feel unattractive, as if we need to change to become more like those girls, she told Yahoo News.

She pulled the show together in just a few days. The response was fantastic, she said, and that many people came by to greet them and give them genuine smiles. She was surprised that so many women came up to the models.

“It felt safe,” she said.

“Together we walked to reinforce one beauty standard: BEING YOU. Because being you is the definition of beauty. It was cold, but my heart was warm surrounded by the fire of all these powerful women,” said Lily Chen, who walked in the show, and is the founder of lingerie brand, Thistle and Spire

Ana definitely plans to have another show soon. “I would like to do something with women and men with disabilities. I want them to be inclusive. But I will use more than three days to plan the next one” she says.

We love how mainstream the body positivity movement is getting. Here’s to celebrating women of all shapes and sizes.

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Picture Credit: Global News CA