Harvey Weinstein Was Like A Father To Me: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence acts in Joy

Actress Jennifer Lawrence considers, the now fallen Hollywood czar Harvey Weinstein, as a father figure.

Even after Weinstein’s termination from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences following allegations of rape and sexual harassment, actress Jennifer Lawrence says no negative about him. In fact, she claims that the producer is like a father to her and that she could never have imagined his inferior nature if it weren’t for so many accusations.

Lawrence, 27, says she admired Weinstein as a parent since she was 20, reports People Magazine.

“He had only ever been nice to me — except for the moments that he wasn’t, and then I called him an a****** and we moved on,” Lawrence told Oprah Winfrey.

“He was paternal to me. So I needed a moment to process everything because I thought I knew this guy, and then he was being accused of rape. We all knew he was a dog, we knew he was… a tough guy, a brute, a tough guy to negotiate with. I didn’t know he was a rapist,” she added.

The blaming won’t stop against Weinstein, and Lawrence’s opposite comment yet made no difference in general.

She further added, “We all knew he was a dog, we knew that he was a tough guy, a brute, a tough guy to negotiate with. I didn’t know that he was a rapist. And it’s so widespread, the abuse, from so many different people – it’s directors, it’s producers – that I think everybody needed to (process it). Everybody needs to deal with this in their own way; everybody needs to heal.”

Over a dozen women came out, against Weinstein and alleged him of sexual misconduct. And three women have accused the powerful film executive of rape. Even men from Hollywood spoke against Weinstein’s behaviours as several surfaced in the public explaining his sexual misconduct.

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The actress recently gave a powerful speech at The Hollywood Reporter‘s annual Women in Entertainment breakfast presented by Lifetime. It was held Wednesday (Dec 6) morning at Los Angeles’ Milk Studios.

Lawrence, who is one of the top actresses working in Hollywood today, and has recently given a powerful film mother! said:

“It’s not easy to speak out. It’s not easy to face criticism on a global scale. But the fact is I have been given a platform, and if I don’t use it, then I don’t deserve it.”

“This last year has been a trying and challenging time in our world and our industry specifically. Every day, we wake up to a myriad of headlines that deeply impact us, from around the globe,” said Lawrence. Yet of the honor’s previously recipients, she commended, “These women have shown what’s possible when we embrace our platforms and use our voices to inspire and ignite the hearts of humanity. Their stories are powerful, pivotal and echo far beyond the retweets or headlines we wake up to.”



Lawrence has won three Golden Globes and the Academy Award for Best Actress. She was listed the highest-paid actress in Hollywood by Forbes in 2015 and 2016.

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