7 Social Media Influencer Deaths That Shocked Fans Recently

Sophia Cheung death is part of a continuing trend as names emerge every year of internet personalities losing their lives in accidents or violently.

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Sophia Cheung death: Hiker, explorer and Instagram influencer Sophia Cheung known to fans as 'Sofie' passed away last week following a tragic accident during an outing with friends in Hong Kong.


As condolences pour in for Cheung, the strong social media communities on platforms like TikTok and Instagram lament the consecutive loss of several youth icons and rising stars they looked up to.

This is a continuing trend as names emerge every year of internet personalities succumbing either to natural causes, or dying by suicide or murder. Some stories that came to light last year.

In August, reports have surfaced of yet another influencer suffering a similar accident in Turkey. Kubra Dogan, 23, fell to her death while shooting a sunset video with a cousin in Istanbul. More here.

Social Media Community Grieves Sophia Cheung Death; Others Who Passed

  1. Shreya Muralidhar

Shreya Muralidhar, a social media influencer famous for her YouTube videos, reportedly died of a cardiac arrest this week. She was in her 20s and had thousands of fans across her channels. She hailed from Hyderabad and had credits to her name as an anchor and actor as well.


2.Sophia Cheung 

32-year-old Sophia Cheung fell to her death while out on a trip with friends to Ha Pak Lai park, near the hiking spot of Pineapple Mountain. As per reports, the influencer lost her balance while clicking a selfie near a waterfall, dropping 16 feet deep. The three friends accompanying her reportedly contacted emergency services but Cheung was pronounced dead on arrival.

sophia cheung death, who is Sofia Cheung Image: Sophia Cheung, Instagram

3. Caitlyn Loane 

Australian farmer and rising TikTok celebrity Caitlyn Loane was only 19 when she passed away earlier this month. As per reports, she died by suicide though reasons for the step she took have not been made public. In Tasmania, she was leading her family's 600-hectare farm and was among the internet's favourite young 'animal lover.' Her farming videos were enjoyed by over 50,000 followers on TikTok.

4. Swavy

Another recent death, Matima Miller famous to TikTok followers as Swavy died after gun violence in Delaware on July 5. With millions of followers, Swavy was famous for his street dances. His death has sparked conversation on racism and gun control measures in the United States. Television personality Wendy Williams, in the aftermath of Swavy's passing, has found herself in controversy as fans of the slain TikToker allege she spoke disrespectfully of him on her show.

5. Adam Perkins 

TikTok sensation and young musician Adam Perkins passed away at age 24 in April this year, leaving an entire community on social media grief-stricken. He was best known for his "Welcome to Chili's" vine from 2015 that made him a global star. His twin brother Patrick announced news of his passing, writing, "I’m struggling to find the words to explain what it will be like for me to live in this world without him." Read here. He added the reason for Perkins' death will not be made public.

6. Emily Mitchell

Instagram influencer behind the 'Hidden Way' page, Emily Mitchell lost her life last year in December, her death sending shockwaves across social media networks. Her parenting vlogs were popular and she was pregnant with her fifth child when the tragedy occurred. A family statement released after her death said she died "unexpectedly."

Medical examinations later revealed the reason for her death being pulmonary embolism.

Emily Mitchell Influencer Emily Mitchell Passes Away At 36

7. Kubra Dogan 

23-year-old Turkish TikTok star Kubra Dogan fell to her death while shooting a video at sunset with her teen cousin. According to reports, the duo in Esenyurt, Istanbul was on a roof filming for social media when a roofing sheet, unable to take their weight, collapsed. Dogan took a fatal fall of 50 metres. The entire episode was reportedly caught on camera, including the sound of the sheet breaking after which the influencer suddenly disappears from view. Dogan's family said the disaster came about due to a roofing flaw and that they will sue the contractor who installed it.

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