Who Was Kubra Dogan? Turkish Influencer Dies While Taking Sunset Selfie

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Who was Kubra Dogan? The Turkish influencer passed away while taking a sunset selfie video for social networking app. She was 23 years old. She was visiting her extended family in Istanbul when the incident happened.

Dogan was reportedly filming a sunset video for her followers on TikTok. She was accompanied by her cousin Helen. Helen is a 16-year-old resident of the district of Esenyurt in the Turkish province of Istanbul.

According to the news organisation Haberler, the two cousins had decided to go to the top floor and shoot videos for their social media account. Dogan was making a selfie video when the roofing material of the terrace collapsed under her weight.

Unfortunately, the Turkish influencer was standing right above a well. After the roofing material collapsed, Dogan lost her balance and fell about 50 metres, or 164 feet, into a well below. The incident was captured in the video was being taken by her cousin Helen. The influencer was sitting on the edge of the roof when the roofing sheets were heard breaking under the load. She had a tragic fall after that.

Her extended family immediately called the emergency services. Upon arrival, the paramedics reportedly could only confirm the 23-year-old woman’s death. According to report by Sabah, Kubra Dogan’s family is planning to sue the contractor who installed the roofing material which proved to be dangerous. Her uncle Nebi Dogan said, “There is a big flaw in the contractor there.” He further added, “As soon as the girl puts her foot, it breaks and (she) falls to the ground from the 9th floor.”

Kubra Dogan‘s body is being handed over to her family for burial following an autopsy. The police are investigating the case, according to reports.