Digital Women Awards: Creators Discuss Why Access Is Crucial For Success

At the 9th Digital Women Awards 2023, 'Access to Success' took centre stage. A dynamic panel discussion featuring Kalpana Muchaltu, Suma Kanakala, Mansha Tandon, and Deepti Ravula, highlighted the power of digital innovation & community on road to success.

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The Digital Women Awards 2023, held at T-Hub, Hyderabad, was a spectacle of empowerment, innovation, and resilience. This year's theme, 'Access to Success,' illuminated the stories of women entrepreneurs who have harnessed the power of technology and AI to make significant contributions to society. The event, now in its 9th edition, has evolved into a vibrant platform that transcends geographical barriers, fostering a supportive community for women entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.


Over the last eight years, the Digital Women Awards have successfully provided a dynamic platform for women entrepreneurs from diverse cities, fostering a supportive community that transcends geographical barriers. This united forum encourages women to strive for excellence, collaborate, and share their unique experiences, challenges, and triumphs. The awards recognize the wide-ranging impact of women in the digital space across various categories.

Access To Success: Beyond The Theme

The theme 'Access to Success' resonated beyond a mere tagline. It symbolizes the access to resources, knowledge-sharing, and networking opportunities that form the bedrock of success in the digital space. The awards, spanning diverse categories, acknowledge the multifaceted impact of women in the digital realm, providing a platform for economic independence and overcoming challenges.

At the heart of the event was a thought-provoking  panel discussion titled "From Access to Success: Content and the Power of Community." The panel moderated by Mugdha Kalra from SheThePeople brought together eminent women who have played pivotal roles in shaping the digital landscape:

  • Kalpana Muchaltu, YouTube Creator
  • Suma Kanakala, Actor & YouTube Creator
  • Mansha Tandon, Head of Marketing for YouTube in India
  • Deepti Ravula, WeHub

This panel discussion delved into the intricate dynamics of achieving success in the digital era.


Voices Echoing Wisdom: Insights From The Panel

Suma Kanakala, the accomplished actor and YouTube creator, set the tone with a powerful perspective on handling criticism: "There might be a hundred comments on you, negative things on you, but take everything progressively, positively."

Her words resonated with warmth and resilience, urging women to view criticism as a stepping stone for progress rather than a stumbling block.

Creativity Mantra: Suma Kanakala's Spontaneity

Suma's perspective on creativity is both insightful and liberating: "Creativity for me is very spontaneous. I just can't be sitting there and writing about it and do it. Sometimes some idea just suddenly pops up and it goes viral."

This spontaneity reflects not only the unpredictability of creative inspiration but also the joy that comes from entertaining oneself in the process. It's a refreshing reminder that creativity, at its core, should be enjoyable. This spontaneity, she explained, is what often leads to ideas going viral.


Creativity, Celebrities And Challenges

Suma Kanakala's journey, both as a celebrity and a content creator, offers a unique lens into the digital world's challenges and creative processes.

She shed light on the meticulous balancing act required when creating content as a public figure. "Regarding creating with us celebrities who are also on YouTube, television, and movies, we have a lot of things written about us on different spaces. So we are careful about how we appear," Suma explained.

This caution extends to every action, even the seemingly mundane. As she humorously shared an anecdote about not being able to rub her eyes without it becoming a potential headline, Suma Kanakala added a touch of humour to the discussion as she shared the unpredictable nature of digital platforms.

 Reflecting on her experiences, she humorously mentioned, "Nowadays I can't even rub my eyes like this because I put my finger here the next day I have a thumbnail saying that she got so emotional."

Suma highlighted the quirkiness of digital platforms, where even a simple action can turn into a viral moment.


Deepti Ravula on the Significance of Communities

 Deepti Ravula, representing WeHub, illuminated the indispensable role of communities in an entrepreneur's journey: "If you don't have communities, how are we actually going to scale as an entrepreneur, as a person, and as a leader?" She emphasized the intricate network needed for an entrepreneur's success. "When the entrepreneur is working on their idea individually, there is a huge network that they actually need. They need mentors, they need technical support," Deepti emphasized.

This collaborative approach underscores that entrepreneurship is not a solitary journey but a collective effort requiring various forms of support. Her insights delved into the intricate support system required, including mentors and technical assistance, emphasizing the complexity that goes beyond the initial idea.

Building Bridges For Entrepreneurial Success

The matchmaking aspect of mentorship was a key point raised by Deepti. Not everyone can be a mentor, and the process requires careful consideration. This insight challenges the common misconception that mentorship is a one-size-fits-all solution. The importance of tailored mentor-mentee relationships cannot be overstated, ensuring a symbiotic connection that truly nurtures growth.

Deepti also delved into the multifaceted process of funding, demystifying the common perception that it's solely about acquiring capital. She highlighted the need for responsible spending, financial compliance, and the 'importance of financial discipline training'. This multifaceted approach ensures that funding serves as a tool for strategic growth rather than a mere influx of capital.

Perception And Success: Deepti Ravula's Wisdom

Her thoughts were inspired by a recent quote that she read: "Perception is the co-pilot of reality," emphasizing the need for authenticity and confidence in building connections within communities. 

She articulated, "How do you want to come across? How do you want to be perceived is a big part of being part of these communities as well." This encapsulates the essence of personal branding and the significance of building connections with authenticity and purpose.

The emphasis on happiness as a catalyst for success added a layer of simplicity and depth to Deepti's insights. She echoed Suma Kanakala's sentiment: "If you are an entrepreneur and if you are happy creating what you're creating, and if you're confident and if you're truthful, there is nothing else that can't make you successful." 

This encapsulated the essence of success—an entrepreneur's genuine joy and confidence in what they create.

As Mugdha Kalra brought the panel discussion to a close, the room was charged with a sense of empowerment and the collective strength of women in the digital space. The panellists not only shared insights but also opened a door to a world where challenges are met with creativity, criticism is turned into progress, and success is rooted in authenticity.


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