Viral Video: Model Zomato Delivery Partner Seen; CEO Responds

A video has emerged online from the streets of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, showing a female Zomato delivery partner on a bike, carrying an empty parcel box. The act promoted the company's CEO to clarify the incident

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Image Credits: X, formerly Twitter via The Free Press Journal.

A video has emerged online from the streets of Indore, Madhya Pradesh, showing a female Zomato delivery partner on a bike, carrying an empty parcel box. Reports claim it was a publicity stunt.


Incident Details

As reported by The Free Press Journal, the young woman went riding around the city, aiming to leave a lasting impression of the delivery service in people's minds by capturing the attention of passersby with her stylish appearance. She rode through the city streets without wearing a helmet, her hair flowing freely, dressed in short denim shorts, alongside other commuters.

Allegedly, the event was a promotional tactic designed to capture the interest of prospective customers. Many claimed the company enlisted a model for this marketing campaign.

According to a post on platform X, the girl was said to take two rides a day, one in the morning and another in the evening, with a Zomato box on her back seat. The concept apparently aimed to create an expectation among customers that she would be delivering their food orders.

Zomato CEO Clarifies


Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal publicly separated himself from the viral video, explicitly stating that the company has no connection to it and that the individual featured in the video is not their employee.

Taking to X, Goyal wrote, 'Hey! We had absolutely nothing to do with this. We don’t endorse helmet-less biking. Also, we don’t have an Indore Marketing Head.'

Furthermore expressing his discontent and disapproval, Goyal said, "It appears that someone is attempting to associate themselves with our brand without our authorization. Nevertheless, we want to emphasise that there is nothing wrong with women being involved in food delivery."

"We have hundreds of women who work as food delivery personnel every day to support their families, and we take pride in their strong work ethic."

MP Police Takes Note


Madhya Pradesh police commented on the video and also reshared Goyal's clarification tweet. 

Commenting on the post, MP Police wrote, expressing its disapproval, that helmets are a must for two-wheelers. Safety has to come first. Furthermore, alerting the DCP of Traffic Police and Commissioner of Police, the account tagged the two in the comment and asked them to take necessary action.

Meanwhile, sharing Goyal's clarification, MP Police wrote, "Delivering deliciousness without a helmet? Not a recipe for safe delivery! Helmets are the secret ingredient to safety. Safety isn't a side dish; it's the main course!"

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