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Angry Bride Throws Food At Groom On Wedding Stage, Video Goes Viral

Angry bride throws food at groom
Angry bride throws food at groom: Indian brides are expected to be demure, submissive and obedient- an outdated stereotype that has long lived past its shelf life. We forget that behind every bride is a woman who may be nervous, frustrated, impatient or simply not in the right headspace on her big day. However, in recent times we have seen several viral videos that captures brides as living, breathing humans, who may let an emotion or two get out of their hands. There’s a video doing rounds on social media in which we see a bride lose her cool during one of the ceremonies and throwing a piece of sweet at the groom.

Now whether or not this bride’s behavior was acceptable or not, is a matter of perspective. Besides we know too little as to what led to this outburst. However, you have to agree that it is a relief to see a “human” bride and not a decked up robotic doll following instructions of those around her.

The video was shared on Instagram in which the bride is seen standing up on the stage accompanied by her relative, with a piece of sweet in her hands. While she is seen trying to feed the piece of sweet to her groom, he hesitates to eat it and eventually pulls her hand closer. The bride gets impatient as the groom takes his own sweet time to eat the food and angrily throws the sweet at him. All this is happening on the stage when the newlyweds are surrounded by their relatives at the wedding venue and their special moment together is being recorded.

The video is going viral and many are busy speculating the reason behind the bride’s angry reaction. Many found it really funny, while others labelled her attitude as shocking. One user said, ”calm down bhabhi” while another commented, ”Gadho ki kami nahi hai….. itna attitude tha toh pehle hi mana kar deti ya dekh leti.”

The video has garnered more than 44,220 likes and numerous comments. While netizens tried to fathom the situation, to understand what exactly bothered the bride to do such a thing in full public glare, some speculated that it might be a forced wedding.

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Feature Image Credit: Tube.indian/Instagram