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Groom Bends Down To Touch Bride’s Feet In Viral Photo, Leaves Social Media Divided

Groom Touches Bride's Feet
Groom Touches Bride’s Feet: In an unusual sight, a groom was seen touching his bride’s feet during their wedding ceremony on stage in a viral picture.

The picture that left many in awe of the groom and surprised made several social media users raise questions. With little detail about the bride and groom, the picture was shared by a Twitter user named Ajit Varwandkar.

In his caption, Varwandkar wrote that the groom’s side of the family was stunned to see him bowing down to his wife. The user in his Twitter thread mentioned what the groom replied when asked about the reason behind touching his bride’s feet. The groom apparently mentioned many reasons such as the fact that his wife left his parents for him, will carry on his lineage, give him children, respect his parents and build the foundation of his house.

As the social media user posted in Hindi, the groom’s reply roughly translates to, ” When she can do all this, cant we even give little respect to her? If it is laughable to bow down in front of these women then I don’t care about such a society.”

The groom’s reply touched many people on social media as they applauded him for showing respect towards his wife. There were also opposing opinions expressed over the picture. Bringing in the question of equality in marriage, one user wrote, “When women do and say similar things for men, it is termed as regressive and patriarchal.”

They added, “Why does either spouse have to be inferior or fall to the feet of other? The minute you consider other as Supreme/God, it is mere compromise & not a partnership of equals.” Another user agreed with this comment and said that the groom basically voiced everything for the wife in addition to burdening her with expectations. They wrote, “Don’t touch her feet, just treat her the way you would like to be treated.”

The picture has been liked by more than three thousand people since it was posted. Over five hundred people have shared the post.