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Viral Video: Bride’s Sister Lunges At Groom For A Kiss, Netizens Left Scratching Their Heads

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A bride’s sister kisses groom in a video doing rounds on the internet and netizens are confused over how to react. Is it a local custom? An unconventional tradition? Or a family inspired a bit too much by Game of Thrones?

Though the origins and date of the video are unidentified, this wedding party has caught the attention of thousands online for their unusual shaadi stage shenanigans. As the family poses for a group photo, the groom is seated flanked by his new bride and her sister.

Moments pass in unmoving poses – you know how cumbersome group photos at weddings are – before the groom’s sister-in-law suddenly, swiftly starts towards him and in what looks like a suffocatingly tight grip, smothers him with a kiss. Watch the video here.

Bride’s Sister Kisses Groom And Some Other Bizarre Weddings

The kiss attack seemed to leave the bride, and other onlookers, rather unfazed actually. They seemed… amused. Most of all the groom. Social media Sherlocks put their minds to the case in trying to understand what exactly happened.

“It looked like both the bride and groom knew this was going to happen,” one Instagram user wrote in the comments. Some others shook their heads saying an unsolicited kiss was nothing short of harassment.

However, this is not the first facepalm wedding netizens have been witness to during the pandemic. From a couple tying the knot mid-air to evade social distancing restrictions to COVID-19 positive lovebirds getting married in PPE kits, we’ve seen it all in the past year. Read about them here. And as for the lengths people go for love, this man proved no distance is too far by dressing up as a bride himself to gatecrash his girlfriend’s wedding.

But where these unusual wedding incidents had social media disoriented, one where a man proposed to his girlfriend with a ring inside a golgappa left the online audience swooning. Know the story here.