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With Parts Of UP Flooded, A Class 11 Girl Rows Boat To School

Class 11 Girl Rows Boat
Inspiring story of a Class 11 Girl Rows Boat to school: The viral video of a girl rowing a boat to school has been a great inspiration for many. Many have acknowledged  the unrestrained courage and drive of the 15-year-old girl from Uttar Pradesh.

‌Sandhya is a student of class 11 from Gorakhpur’s Bahrampur region. She refused to knuckle under the calamities brought by the mother nature and created an ingenious method to ensure she doesn’t miss her school lessons.

Her valiant effort to attend school against all the odds is being praised by many people who watched her video of  rowing to reach her school. Sandhya is a daughter of a carpenter and comes from humble family background. The teen has received a lot of praise from the viewers.

Speaking to the media, Sandhya shared that she gets inspiration from many great women of India.

She mentioned names such as Sarojini Naidu, Indira Gandhi, PT Usha and Kalpana Chawla. Sandhya wants to get a good education and achieve her dreams of a happy and better life for her family.

Sandhya is a student of Ayodhya Das Girls Inter College on Bank Road. After her picture was shared by news outlet ANI in which she was hustling in a boat to reach her school, Sandhya revealed that, unlike many private schools students, she faces a lot of difficulties attending online classes.

To reach her destination, Sandhya has to change two modes of transport. After crossing the river to reach Raj Ghat, from there she takes a minivan to her school.

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