Mumbai Teen Raises Funds To Help Dharavi Students Continue Online Education

Mumbai Teen Raises Funds
Mumbai Teen Raises Funds: Heart-warming stories of youngsters leaving no stone unturned to reach out to less privileged people amidst the pandemic have been flooding the internet since March 2020. 17-year-old Aria Gupta from Mumbai is one such teenager who is trying her best to ensure that 15 students of a Dharavi school get tablets for online education. She has initiated a crowd-funding campaign for the same and even managed to raise Rs 97,998. Her aim is to raise Rs 1.50 lakh.

The girl is well-aware of their financial circumstances as she has been their mentor in Robotics since 2018. She understands that education is a privilege for them. During the lockdown, they were able to attend their online classes through their parents’ mobile phones. However, the lockdown opened and the parents’ had to return to work leaving the students with no devices to attend the classes. That’s when Aria decided to step in and help them restart their education, as per sources.

Sandhya, the first graduate of Chinnampathy tribal village in Coimbatore, is another such woman who has taken the onus of imparting education among less privileged students on herself. She conducts offline classes for several children and teaches all subjects.

Sandhya has been teaching these children free of cost. “I’m taking regular classes for all subjects. Some families can’t afford to send children to school,” she said.

Sunita Nagkirti, a teacher, sings nursery rhymes to explain the phenomenon of the pandemic to create awareness among children in slums. The Marathi poem is to educate them on how to wash their hands for 20 seconds and prevent coronavirus by taking the necessary precautions. Read more about her.

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