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Social Media Does It Again: Viral Video Of Elderly Juice Aunty Inspires Netizens To Support Her

amritsar juice aunty
Amritsar juice aunty is the latest small-town success story on social media to create a buzz with her humble business. A video of her skillfully peeling and juicing fruits at a street stall in Punjab has caught the notice of netizens who are now rallying in support of her work.

The elderly woman’s age, despite which she appears to be expending much effort in earning an income, has led many online to express solidarity with her. Under clips of her doing rounds on social media, people have begun enquiring for payment gateways and where she can be visited.

The video of Amritsar juice aunty posted originally by vlogger Gaurav Wasan, of Baba Ka Dhaba fame, has been reshared many times over garnering thousands of views.

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Social media users have indicated the elderly juice vendor sits at Rani Da Bagh and are urging those with means to help her as they did street food sellers like Kanta Prasad and his wife in Delhi.

Instagram page SikhExpo, which confirmed her location, said, “Elders shouldn’t have to still spend their days working when they should be enjoying their lives free of the need to work. Despite this, Bibi Ji is doing all this with chardi kala and sincere love and effort. Bless her heart and spirit 🧡”

Amritsar Juice Aunty: Another Small Vendor Sitting On Big Fame?

Local stories as the one of the elderly Amritsar woman that have gone viral in the last year have consistently highlighted the odds street vendors have to face on the daily, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and its resultant lockdowns that have dampened business.

Wasan’s viral story of Kanta Prasad and Badami Devi boosted their small stall in Malviya Nagar to a restaurant last year. Though their brief encounter with fame later turned sour, amid a mess of financial fraud allegations and a tragic suicide bid, the power of social media helped turn their fortunes within the initial months of their story coming to light.

Soon after, another elderly woman – who came to be known as Rotiwali Amma – sitting in Agra and selling handmade rotis on the street for only Rs 20 received monetary and emotional support from hundreds of netizens who came to know of her through viral videos online.