Roti Wali Amma, Who Sells Food For Rs 20 In Agra, Struggling To Earn Because Of COVID-19

Roti wali Amma

Bhagvan Devi, an octogenarian woman from Uttar Pradesh’s Agra, sells food at just 20 rupees out of a small shop to make ends meet. In her locality, she is fondly known as “Roti wali Amma” as she single-handedly runs a small business in front of St. John’s College. But lately, her business is severely suffering due to the COVID-19 pandemic as Amma’s special ‘thali’ that includes pulses, vegetables, rice and roti for just rupees 20 is barely finding any takers. Thus, leaving Amma, a widow, in a financially difficult situation.

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“I have been doing this for over 15 years, but, there’s hardly any sale these days,” the octogenarian told ANI. She wishes to get a permanent space in order to sustain in the food business. “Nobody is supporting me, if I had the support of people, I wouldn’t be in such a condition. I have been forced to remove my stall regularly, I wish I get a permanent space,” said Devi.

Pictures of Amma’s small shop on the roadside have now gone viral. 

After Delhi’s Baba ka Dhaba’s viral story, this is another example of hardships being faced by small food vendors due to the pandemic. Though she has been cooking and feeding people for the last 15 years, Devi has lost many of her regular customers now.

The troubles aren’t limited to lack of customers for Amma, as she is also facing difficulties in finding a proper space to run her business. She has been removed from her usual spot due to roadside work.

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Netizens have started sharing her story and the post garnered over 400 retweets within two hours. Sonam Mahajan, who usually tweets about Indian politics and women’s rights, as per her Twitter bio, revealed in a tweet that she tried to meet Amma but couldn’t. “Went to St. John college, Agra to meet #RotiWaliAmma as soon as I read about her but couldn’t find her. Request friends who visit her tomorrow or in days to come to send me her details if possible.”

Feature Image credit: ANI

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