Baba Ka Dhaba Owner Admitted To Hospital After Attempted Suicide: Netizens React

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Baba ka Dhaba owner admitted to hospital after suicide attempt: Owner of Malviya Nagar street-side eatery Baba Ka Dhaba, Kanta Prasad is reportedly admitted to Safdarjung hospital, Delhi after overdosing on sleeping pills. He had recently made headlines after he closed his newly opened restaurant and went back to running his old eatery. Prasad’s new restaurant was doing a business of rupees 30,000 every month, however, he had to pay rupees one lakh in rent on a monthly basis, thus resulting in heavy losses.

As per media reports, Kanta Prasad was admitted to the hospital on Thursday evening. The police were informed about an old man attempting suicide, they later found out that it was Kanta Prasad.

“He is currently undergoing treatment. His wife informed the police that he had been depressed for the last few days,” a senior police officer reportedly said.

His wife, Badami Devi told ANI, “I don’t know anything, I don’t know what did he eat. I had not seen. He fell unconscious, I was sitting at the dhaba. I brought him here. Doctor has not told us anything so far. I don’t know what was going on in his mind.”

“He had brought in an unconscious condition after he consumed alcohol & sleeping pills. Statement of his son has been recorded for the same. Probe on,” DCP South Atul Thakur told ANI.

Prasad being famous on the internet, the news of him ending up in a hospital moved social media users. They were seen sharing about Kanta Prasad’s life’s trajectory since he became an overnight sensation last year.

Some people also called it a result of sudden success and then downfall. Prasad had started his restaurant after many people pitched in to help him financially. His restaurant eventually failed this year and he had to go back to his old stall in Malviya Nagar.

Viral Bhayani also tweeted praying for Kanta Prasad’s speedy recovery.

Recently a picture of Kanta Prasad, his wife and Gaurav Wasan was shared on social media. The Youtuber said that he and the Dhaba have reconciled after their spat last. Prasad had accused that Wasan swindled money that was donated to him by people. He later apologised for his statements. In a video shared by another food blogger, Prasad can be heard saying, “Woh ladka koi chor nahi tha, na usko humne kabhi chor kahan hai( That boy was not a thief, neither did we ever call him one).”

Accepting Prasad’s apology, Wasan said, “All is well that ends well. The person who forgives is a bigger person than who makes a mistake – That’s what my parents have taught me.”