Unusual Indian Weddings: What make them SO DAMN cool

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Couples who have dared to break the wedding stereotypes are inspiring others to follow. Here’s a list of fun, unusual Indian weddings you should check out. India is known for the big-fat weddings that the people organise with all of them being similar yet so different. There are certain usual aspects of the wedding that is followed by everyone. In the recent few years, some of the couples have made some hatke changes in their wedding that people find cool.

Here are 12 unusual Indian weddings :

1.  Usually all the weddings have a male priest who takes charge of the wedding ceremonies. But Dia Mirza and her husband broke the stereotype by letting a female priest perform their wedding rituals. It was rather unusual and cool.

2. Dia Mirza broke another stereotype by not having kanyadan. Kanyadan is a tradition usually followed in Indian weddings where the bride is given away by her parents to the groom. What an unusual wedding it would have been without a kanyadan. (Considering the importance it has as seen in the movie Vivaah where Krishnakanth was desperate to perform kanyadan). 

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Female Priest at Dia Mirza’s Wedding: Credit Dia’s Instagram

3. Another unusual wedding was that of Yami Gautam’s because it was very simple and brought back some Himachali traditions in a country where everyone is having the usual big fat Indian weddings. Unlike the other brides who usually wear Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, etc she stuck to her mother’s vintage red saree. Simplicity weddings are unusual but yet so damn cool.

Yami Gautam Aditya Dhar Marriage ,yami gautam wedding ceremony

Picture Credit: Yami Gautam/ Instagram

4.  Sanjana Rishi, a bride made an unusual choice of wearing a pantsuit with a veil on her wedding day. She faced a lot of hate and criticism on social media. Some even called her a “crazy bride”.  But her husband said to her “You’ve killed it!” which is all that matters at the end of the day. This unusual bridal outfit where she is just being herself, makes one go “DAMN SO COOL!! for sure.

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5. Brides in India are expected to be shy and look down. But brides have broken this stereotype by laughing uncontrollably on their D-Day and expressing how truly happy they are. Wedding photos of female Bollywood actors such as Priyanka, Deepika, and most recent Patraalekha, have gone viral with them having a big wide smile on their face and laughing.  Isn’t it cool to see the bride so happy on her wedding day?

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6. The brides have been breaking stereotypes by entering their wedding on a horse or bullet.  The entry of the bride is one that gains the most attention during the wedding, what cooler way than entering on a horse or bullet. Usually, it is the groom who enters on a horse or bullet and the bride just walks in with a phoolon ki chadar held by her brothers. But this entry has broken the conventional norm cause ‘Why should boys have all the fun?’

7. Heels or sandals that are usually traditional are what brides usually wear at their wedding functions. But recently the brides have ditched heels and sandals and chosen sneakers to be comfortable on their D-Day. High heels or pretty sandals are expected to be worn by the brides but a comfortable bride is a happy bride. Sneakers just up the cool quotient of the bride.

8.  Every Indian wedding has this common usual tradition of the wife touching the husband’s feet because ‘Pati Parmeshwar hota hai’ but Diipa Khosla made her husband touch her feet during one of the ceremonies! She did so only because she was asked to touch his feet. Being a firm believer in equality she made her husband do the same. It is rather unusual but cool. 

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9. Have you ever heard this famous dialogue ‘Suhagan ka sar ka taj hota hai ek chutki sindoor’? Indian weddings have this standard tradition where the groom applies sindoor on the bride’s forehead. But Rajkumar Rao did something unusual by asking Patralekha to apply Sindoor on his head too and she did it.  It made their fans go aww and made it one of the coolest weddings of the season.

10. Indian weddings have a big no-no policy on PDA (Public Display of Affection). You do not see the bride and groom hugging or kissing each other during the wedding because people condemn such acts of love. But at a recent wedding, a parent of the bride asked the pandit to tell the bride and groom to kiss each other, the pandit did hesitate for a few minutes before succumbing to the happiness of the couple and saying “Ye dono ab kiss karenge” by blushing adorably. It is so DAMN cool, to see the couple kissing and expressing their love on their D-Day.

11. The brides are usually expected to stay at home for a few days before the wedding. Nobody knows the reason behind it but is an established practice that is followed throughout India. But two brides who have recently broken this tradition and made it cool were – the bride who went to write the exam and the bride who hits the gym.  Both of them did these activities all decked up in their wedding attire. Their coolness was in the fact that they would not compromise on any important activities just because it is their wedding.

12. Bidaai is one of the most emotional and significant traditions in Indian weddings. The brides usually cry during bidaai, because they are sad to leave their parent’s home. But brides like Shraddha Arya and another bride who drove the car to her in-laws house,  have normalised brides having fun during their bidaai, what is more, cooler than a bride being happy to be married to the man she loves.

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