5 Ways Dia Mirza Gave Us Wedding Goals

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Dia Mirza: Actor Dia Mirza tied the knot to Vaibhav Rekhi on February 15 and added her own touch to the traditional ceremony.

In an Instagram post, the UN ambassador shared her thoughts on her unconventional wedding said, “change begins with choice.” It is high time we stop blindly following traditions and make new ones which align with the current day and age. When a woman and man in wedlock, it should only be about their love and friendship and not about the rules. Mirza really practised what she preaches and made her wedding a sustainable and progressive event.

Woman Priest

In pictures shared from Dia Mirza’s wedding, we see her performing the rituals in a red outfit with her husband while a woman is seen solemnising the ceremony. The priest named Sheela Atta is known to be Dia Mirza’s childhood friend’s aunt. Mirza in an Instagram post said,” The highest point for us was the Vedic ceremony conducted by a woman priest.” She said that a woman’s soul contains love, wonder, benediction, magical energy, tenderness and deep empathy for all that lives.

Plastic and waste-free wedding

As a UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador, Dia Mirza has talked about the climate crisis and the new ways of life we should adopt in order to save the earth. She practised the same at her own wedding which she claimed was a “sustainable ceremony without plastics or any waste. Mirza added that the couple went for minimal decor which was completely biodegradable and natural.

No Kanyadaan

Dia Mirza chose to do away with the Kanyadaan ceremony in which a bride is given away by her father or mother to the groom. This sets an example because the idea of a woman being ‘given’ to a man is just not very progressive. Marriage is about two people and both of them should be equally responsible to each other.

No Bidaadi ceremony

Another custom Mirza avoided was the Bidaai ceremony in which a bride leaves her father’s home for her husband’s home. Why should there still be such a custom when women can choose to stay with their parents after marriage?

An Intimate wedding with family and friends

Weddings in India are celebrated for being grand. Most people blindly follow the societal way and end up hosting a gathering of people they don’t even know properly. Especially during these times when the pandemic is still not over, it is imperative that we reconsider the unnecessary crowd at weddings. Dia Mirza got married in her lawn among her closest of friends and family members.