Bride Hits The Gym Decked Up In Wedding Attire, Video Goes Viral

Bride Hits The Gym
In a viral video on social media, a bride was seen arriving at the gym in wedding attire and lifting weights.

The wedding season is here! Everyone’s attention during this time is on the brides and their whereabouts. With over 25 lakh weddings happening in India, we are bound to find peculiar stories. There are a few incidents that are worth knowing. One such incident, is the woman hitting the gym in her bridal attire.

Bride Hits The Gym In Wedding Attire:

This video is not shocking the netizens as recently, another bride in Rajkot went to write her exams in bridal attire. Looks like the brides making their own rules and now they do not want to miss out on anything like gym during their wedding dates. It is not just the attire but she was seen all decked up with jewellery and her hair and make up done.

The presence of a cameraman in the clip found on Instagram of the bride in gym makes the netizens speculate that it is rather a pre-wedding shoot and hence, it is not her D-DAY. The comments on the posts by several social media users attacked her for being a show-off, over-smart, and desperate for gaining limelight on Instagram

Despite, the negative comments the bride lifting dumbbells have become viral and positive comments like “Baaratiyon ka swagat protein shake se hoga” and  “Dilwale Dumble Le Jaayenge” are spreading the clip to more and more users. Someone even called her “Devsena” from Bahubali. There have also been numerous shares on Instagram.

Looks like the Gym Bride has taken charge of social media and is motivating others to build a healthy lifestyle. If you are searching for some motivation to work out then this bride can be your inspiration to not let anything stop you from hitting the gym.

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