Why Conspiracy Narrative In Sidharth Shukla's Death Is Dangerous And Must Stop

Sidharth Shukla death controversy is taking a turn down into the same crevice Sushant Singh Rajput's death case went. Should we allow that to happen?

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Is Sidharth Shukla Death Controversy Similar To Sushant Singh Rajput's Case?

From doubting the veracity of the official claims police and doctors have made to casting aspersions on the intentions of people in his life, the media circus has begun staging its now-routine act of distorting facts into controversy where there is none. Within mere hours of television actor Sidharth Shukla's untimely death on September 2, the media began cooking up conspiracy theories on the "sheer suddenness" of this death.

Best known for his work in daily soap Balika Vadhu and emerging as the winner of reality show Bigg Boss 13, Shukla's demise at the age of 40 following a heart attack has sent shockwaves through the country, leaving a legion of fans in grief. As per reports, he suffered a heart attack Thursday morning and was brought dead to Mumbai's Cooper Hospital. A post-mortem is yet to be conducted.

Despite confirmations from authorities concerned, reasons behind Shukla's death are being given a sinister spin, courtesy controversy-hungry netizens and media channels looking to piggyback on a tragedy for personal gains. Reporters in newsrooms and out on the streets are babbling on about the kind of lifestyle Shukla had, questioning whether facts being presented are actually correct, and his mental state and health in the time leading up to his end.

Sounds familiar? It's an ugly repeat of last year's circus when the country lost actor Sushant Singh Rajput.

Take a look at what's unfolding online - the storm brewing: 

Netizens, Media Begin Spinning SSR Narrative

Rajput's premature death in June 2020 had set off a yearlong 'pursuit' of justice against what his self-declared warriors labelled as a murder, mass targeting of his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty and a hate campaign against facts. A year later, much of that toxic flood appears to have receded, having hit the dead-end it was ultimately destined to.

But now? We see that old monster rearing its head again, in a mischievous interweaving of Shukla and Singh's cases. 

A parallel is being drawn between the two deaths, including suspicions over the hospital and investigating authorities involved. The Bollywood insider-outsider debate is gaining steam once more. Shukla's rumoured girlfriend Shehnaaz Gill is being eyed for any 'dubious' words or expressions she lets slip.

So predictable and exhausting has this entire performance at a national celebrity's death become that, in anticipation, Shukla's family issued a statement dismissing rumours of foul play. As per reports, they have cleared to the media that Shukla was not under "mental pressure" as is being alleged and that they would request privacy at this time.

So should supposedly well-wishing fans sniffing out a conspiracy in Shukla's death think they are doing him or his family a service? Does a person, notwithstanding his public status, not deserve dignity in death? Must those surviving pick apart the tragic end to a man's life to validate their own twisted biases?

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