Noida Woman Assaults Security Guard: How Can Elite Get Away With Misbehaviour?

There is almost no accountability in the world of the wealthy and powerful but tremendous capacity to hurt or reward others

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Another case of assault and yet another security guard at the receiving end of this public nightmare. This time in Noida. Two women were arrested and a challan was issued against them for allegedly assaulting a security guard of a housing society in Noida.

The incident reportedly took place at Ajnara Homes society in Noida's sector-121. In a video doing rounds on social media, a woman can be purportedly seen manhandling a security guard. She is also seen holding his uniform's collar and throwing away the cap which he was wearing. The woman is claimed to be drunk and while her actions caught the security person completely off guard, he remains steady and did not seem rattled.

After an official complaint by the guard, the police initiated action against the women. Two of them were reportedly issued a challan while one of them is absconding.

"Two of the accused have been taken into custody in a preventive action under CrPC section 151. They were produced before a local magistrate and challans issued against them under Indian Penal Code sections 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) and 504 (intentional insult)," officials were quoted in a report.

Noida Woman Assaults Security Guard: Why do the elite get away with abuse?

This is not the first display of the privileged mistreating and bullying the working class. Similar cases have emerged in the past as well. On September 13, a woman, who allegedly abused and slapped a security guard at a housing society complex in Noida, was arrested and later granted bail. In the viral video, 32-year-old Bhavya Rai, a lawyer by profession is seeing hurling abuses, assaulting and manhandling a security guard after there was a delay in opening the gates of the society.

Chief Judicial Magistrate of the Surajpur court Richa Upadhyay granted bail to the woman. Her lawyer Inderveer Singh Bhati argued during the hearing that his client was arrested “without any notice." Bhati said Rai’s clear criminal history was also considered by the court for her bail. Rai’s counsel also submitted that she was falsely implicated in the case.


Another incident was reported from Noida’s Cleo Country society wherein a college professor slapped a security guard multiple times. In the CCTV footage of the incident, the woman identified as professor can be seen stepping out of her car, waving her hand angrily and then slapping him thrice. She was granted bail later.

The world of the wealthy and powerful is a world in which there is almost no accountability because the people in it have a tremendous capacity to hurt or reward others. This sad reality of socioeconomic differences has formed the crux of our society where the elite and powerful can easily get away with their crimes. The law states that all of us should be treated equally under the same Constitutional rights. The justice system gives each individual a fair chance. No matter one's social or economic rank. However, more than often individuals who have more money get let off easily as opposed to the less privileged masses.

Access to a better, more qualified team of lawyers is perhaps the biggest advantage the rich have over the poor. This team can find loopholes in the case and twist the situation to the alleged criminal’s advantage. Unless their crimes are non-bailable offences, the rich hardly ever stay in jail. They can seek bail easily and are out of jail while their case proceeds in the courts. Bail is easier for them as they have money, and putting down a surety amount isn’t a problem. However, the same doesn't go for the poorer, working class who usually bore the brunt of these cases. About time, we realise that laws are meant to keep people in check and one can misuse their powers to do whatever they want. Under the scanner, the proceedings are the same for one and all.

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Noida Woman Assaults Security Guard