A Woman Thrashes Cab Driver, But Why Is Feminism Facing The Backlash?

No one is supporting the woman or endorsing her violent act. Violence in all forms needs to be called out. Feminists do not endorse violence.

Deepshikha Chakravarti
Aug 03, 2021 13:14 IST
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Lucknow Woman Thrashes Cab Driver: If you are somewhat present on social media, then the chances are you could not have overlooked the outrage around the viral video a girl beating a cab driver in Lucknow. Twitter is up in arms calling out for the woman to be arrested. But what has feminism got to do with this case, why is it being dragged into a case where it does not belong? Like you are not a wife-beater because you are a man, can all women, or the ideology of feminism be held accountable for actions of one woman?

The video doing rounds shows a young woman, in a fit of rage, thrashing a cab driver, grabbing him by the collar and breaking his mobile phone in full public view. The man had allegedly almost run over her as he was driving at a very high speed. The incident took place at the Awadh crossing of Lucknow on July 31. Everyone who has seen the video has condemned the woman for her actions. No one is supporting the woman or endorsing her violent act. Violence in all forms needs to be called out. Feminists do not endorse violence. If the woman is at fault, she must face consequences and similarly if the man flouted traffic rules he must be booked too. So why drag feminism into this debate?

Violence is not empowerment and one person’s behaviour is not reflective of an entire community. The use of violence against any other living being is not the sign of empowerment, certainly not for people who believe in gender equality aka feminism. And men who believe empowering women comes at a heavy price are certainly mistaken.

One may ask what would have happened if the genders, in this case, were reversed? But has anyone come out defending the woman? Even Swati Maliwal took to Twitter to criticise her behaviour. Let’s recall, a traffic cop and several pedestrians can be seen in the video, who are just passive bystanders. An entire city stood still and watched, while something wrong was happening in front of their eyes, why did no one step in to stop it? Is it possible for a busy crossing like that to have only one cop on duty? Why was it so important to film it? Are they not advocating abusive behaviour by remaining silent? Police action against the woman has only come after huge online outrage.

No person who believes in feminism will ever stand a silent spectator to an act of violence unfolding in front of them. Feminism rejects abuse and misuse of power whether it is domestic violence, oppression, policing or intimate partner violence irrespective of gender and it wants men to be allies, not wage a war with them.

So while feminism advocates equality, not male bashing, can the same be said about internet trolls targeting the movement for this viral video?

Views expressed are the author’s own.

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