FIR Filed Against Lucknow Girl Who Thrashed Cab Driver In Viral Video

An FIR filed against Lucknow girl after she thrashed a cab driver on a viral video by the Lucknow Police

Shriya Sarang
Aug 02, 2021 16:41 IST
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FIR Filed Against Lucknow Girl: After a girl was seen thrashing a cab driver repeatedly, in a now viral video, at a traffic signal in Lucknow, the local Police filed an FIR against the girl.

In the viral video, where most of the vehicles are seen jumping the red signal at high speed, certain pedestrians were trying to cross the road. Among which was the Lucknow girl who was also crossing the road. She stopped for a second through the traffic after she saw a car speeding in her direction. The cab driver stopped the car right in front of her. And the Lucknow girl was seen thrashing the cab driver several times in rage.

The person who filmed the video can be heard saying, "Arre badtameez aurat hai yeh ."

The related videos were shared and retweeted several times by netizens as the viral video created a divide between the online audience who took two different sides after watching the video.

Netizens used the hashtag #ArrestLucknowGirl demanding her arrest for physical assault. Social media users even took it to another level insinuating that this time the woman 'ought' to not be the one supported and questioned 'feminism' because the video showed the cab driver being thrashed by a girl. A Twitter user shared the video of a police officer stating the details of the FIR which was filed against the girl.

 A police official from the Krishnagar Police Station said that in relation to the viral video shared on Twitter and other social media platforms, "the man thrashed by a girl filed a complainant against her and further investigation would take place in an unbiased way."

But there we also netizens who supported the Lucknow girl for what she did and stated that the driver was speeding mercilessly at the red signal. They were also commending the confidence of the girl.

The Lucknow girl was seen thrashing the man who intervened in the heated incident. She also made claims of the car hitting her. Some netizens said it was hard to take a side like the one who wrote, "Not defending the girl here but the level of support this guy gets isn't acceptable either. Yes, he stopped the car at the right time, but what if he didn't. It's a red signal, look at the way he and others are jumping the signal. He was speeding too. Don't support either."


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