#ArrestLucknowGirl: Here’s How Twitterati Reacted To The Viral Video

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Arrestlucknowgirl Hashtag: In a viral video shared on social media, a woman is seen assaulting a cab driver in presence of a police officer and causing a traffic jam. The video, which has no date mentioned, is said to be taken in Lucknow. The video was first shared on social media by Megh Updates.

After the video went viral on social media, many people started tweeting with the hashtag arrestlucknowgirl. Most users were seen accusing the woman of physical assault, some urged the police to investigate the matter.

As the video showed a woman beating a man, many called ‘pseudo feminism’ and how women are not punished for their crimes because of their gender. Many social media users also made a collage of female athletes winning medals at the Tokyo Olympics and the girl from the video to show the difference and bash the girl from the video.

As per many tweets on social media and Megh Updates which first put out the video, the girl allegedly broke the cab driver’s phone without giving him reason. People in the background are seen standing as spectators while the girl hits the cabbie.

In another tweet, an update was also added to the incident, claiming that even the person who came to rescue the cab driver was assaulted, and the woman can be heard saying that the cabbie’s car allegedly hit her.

They can be heard saying, “yeh ladki badtameez hai (mannerless), itte der takk koi ladka ladki ko maarta toh fir log kya karte? (if it was a guy in the girl’s place, would this have gone on for this long?)” The girl is seen dragging the driver by his collar and hitting him and he can be seen trying to come in front of the camera and saying, “Aaplog mahila police bulaye, ” requesting bystanders to call female cops to the scene.

With many social media users outraged by the video, over 91 thousand tweets were made with the arrest lucknow girl hashtag. Most people were seen criticising the woman for the way she was seen beating the cab driver, some asked for a proper investigation of the case.

There is no official information about the case. None of the parties concerned with the video has issued their statements.


Feature Image Credit: Megh Updates/Twitter

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