Meet These Brides Who Refused To Give In To The Age Old Wedding Stereotypes

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Why do we expect brides to be smiling the entire time until it is time for Bidaai? Ahem, what kind of a bride doesn’t cry during her Bidaai, isn’t it? Indian brides are still expected to follow the age-old stereotypes which expect them to act shy on their wedding day. It’s high time we break such double standards let young girls enjoy their big day to the fullest!

Why is it that when a groom is dancing at his wedding, he is seen as enjoying his big day; but when a bride is dancing at her wedding, she is termed to be shameless? When is society going to learn that brides can and should have as much fun on their wedding day as the groom? It’s her big day, after all, we can most certainly cut her some slack!

Since childhood, a girl is taught that her own house is not her home. She is made to believe that her ‘real’ home is her husband’s house and that she never belonged to her parents. But why can’t she have two families? Why do these wedding stereotypes tend to portray women as ‘paraaya dhan‘ or someone else’s wealth? Why does society consider women as properties to be given away?

Here are some instances when Indian brides refused to become the society’s puppets and follow the outdated wedding stereotypes:

  1. Actors these days are attempting to redefine the weddings which box Indian brides inside the age-old stereotypes. From Dia Mirza to Patraalekha, we have actors who refused to hold the Kanyadaan ceremony (giving away the daughter) and kneeled down before their groom as heartwarming gestures to break the gender roles.
  2. Brides dancing for their to-be husbands on romantic tunes is quite a common sight to behold but have you heard about the Tamil Nadu bride who performed martial arts at her wedding celebrations in an attempt to establish the importance of self-defense for women? Read more about her here.
  3. Instead of giving the satisfaction to the society of watching her tears flood from her eyes at her Bidaai, a bride from Kolkata, Sneha Singhi, drove her groom to her in-laws as she smiled and waved at the guests. When she was told to adjust her seat by someone among the guests, her husband clarified that she’ll manage easily saying, giving us major husband goals!
  4. Ditching the age-old tradition of compulsory red lehenga, bride Sanjana Rishi was looking glamourous and just as beautiful in her unusual bridal outfit of a pantsuit with a veil on her wedding day. While some called her crazy for her unusual choice, others believe that she killed it with such a cool outfit.
  5. When it comes to wedding entries, brides are stealing the show by making solid entries riding horses, bullets or driving cars! Gone are the times when brides shyly walked up to the aisle looking down the entire way as the groom waited for her. Today’s brides rock the stage leaving everyone amused with their dance performances.
  6. Who needs ankle-wrenching heels when you can sit in the comfort of your sneakers? Many brides have ditched the beautiful heels or sandals for comfortable and cool sneakers redefining over-the-top wedding fashion. And who would like to stand in six-inches heels for six hours straight anyway?
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These brides have redefined the wedding norms by refusing to give in to the societal expectations of an “ideal bride”. According to the society, an ideal bride is the one who steals hearts with her coyness and shy personality. The ones who enjoy freely, unbothered about the societal expectations are looked down upon. But how is that fair? Why aren’t women allowed to have fun even at their own wedding?

What is your take on such stereotypes? Shall brides have fun at their weddings? Tell us what you think about it in the comments.

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