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Here’s Why This Tamil Nadu Bride Performed Martial Arts At Her Wedding

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Tamil Nadu martial arts bride: Right after getting hitched in Thirukolu, bride P Nisha wielded sticks and weapons to perform a set of martial arts, in a bid to raise awareness about the need for women to know self-defence.

A video of Nisha, which has gone viral on social media, shows her in a traditional wedding outfit with a garland around her neck, performing stunts, as a crowd of people cheers her on. More about Nisha here.

The 22-year-old’s offbeat wedding celebration has captured the attention of many online, who are lauding her for both taking on a social cause on her big day, as well as breaking the ‘shy bride‘ stereotype women in the country are expected to adhere to, as custom.

Tamil Nadu Martial Arts Bride Floors Internet With Her Skill

Nisha performed the ‘surul vaal veechu’ and ‘rettai kambu’ in front of the wedding hall she got married in, reports said. “It was not easy to perform in a sari along with heavy makeup as a bride. I used to practice martial arts in a T-shirt and track pants,” Times of India quoted her saying.

She has been practicing martial arts for many years now, Nisha revealed. She said she took interest in the sport after her mother urged the importance of self-defence for girls. As a commerce student, Nisha began learning the sport and is now a pro at it, especially in the South Indian ‘silambam’ style of weapon-based martial arts.

Watch Nisha in action here

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