Five Gym Freak Grandmas Whose Dedication To Fitness Will Make Your Jaws Drop

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Gym freak grandmas who give us fitness goals: If you feel that you cannot wake up to hit the morning gym or you don’t feel gutsy enough to challenge yourself lifting heavier weights, then you need to check these grandmas and their fitness routine. Fitness never tags itself to age or gender, rather, it’s a habit that helps us build a better and healthy life.

There are many elderly people who have time and again proved that age is never an excuse to not work out, as long as your routine is suited for your body and is backend expertise. Elderly people who work out on a day to day basis should do so under the guidance of an experienced trainer and must also monitor their health closely. The first fitness mantra for them, and infact for any fitness enthusiast, should always be- listen to your body.

So here are five grandmothers who make working out at their age look like a piece of cake. We are sweating just reading about them:

1. Joan MacDonald – She is a 76 year, fitness enthusiast who believes in making “better” lifestyle choices. A few years back, MacDonald had many health issues like high cholesterol and she chose to have workouts incorporated into her daily routines- walks, yoga and lifting weight. Her daughter eventually inspired her to train with weight and now the septuagenarian has developed a dedicated following on social media of fans who cannot stop watching her fitness routine.

2. Kiran Bai- “The 83-year-old granny who lifts!” reads the bio of Kiran Bai. She was determined to do something about her health positively after she spent around three years in a wheelchair due to age and health complications. When her grandson, a certified trainer, saw Kiran Bai’s failing health, he introduced her to weight training and incorporated workouts into her daily life. And when he shared videos of Kiran Bai lifting heavy weights, doing glutes, lunges and moving sofas in a sari, Kiran Bai became an overnight sensation.

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3. Geralda Barbosa- Geralda Barbosa started hitting the gym five years back in order to live a healthy independent life. Her video of training like a 30-year-old is now going viral on social media. Geralda wants to live her life independently and more healthily, which made her develop better nutritional habits and exercise routines. Geralda is also into rock climbing and takes time out of her daily life to pursue her passion and enthusiasm for sports.

4.  Chen Jifang- Chen flaunts a strong physique and toned muscle in her 70 like nobody. She goes to the gym for two hours daily and has lost more than 28kg within a span of three months. She regularly posts videos of her fitness routine on Tiktok where she has garnered more than 400000 followers. The Shanghai based fitness lover says “it is never too late to pursue good health”.

5. Ernestine Shepherd- Ernestine is a 85-year-young body builder who is also credited to be the world’s oldest bodybuilder by the Guinness Book of World Records. Ernestine has 60,000 plus followers on Instagram and posts regularly with her gym buds. Even at 85, she runs 10 miles daily (which is roughly 16 kilometres) and inspires many around her to pursue fitness despite their age.