Five Viral Videos That Filled Our Timeline With Positivity And Compassion

Taj Employee Picture, Taj employee video
Taj employee video: In a world with violence, human rights violations, environmental crisis and many more problems, videos showing kindness and empathy work like a blanket of comfort for us. Such videos add the much-needed positivity in our lives also emphasising on the importance of going out of your comfort zone for other- even strangers, because empathy is all about paying it forward- you give some and then you get some.

Recently a picture of a Taj employee sharing an umbrella with a dog went viral on the internet, with netizens widely sharing the picture and praising the man for his kindness. It further led to more people sharing their stories of similar moments in comments and reshares. However, this isn’t the first time a person’s actor of kindness has earned them applause on social media and filler our timeline with positivity.

Five viral videos that will make you smile and motivate you to pay it ahead with kindness:

Kerala woman helps blind man board bus

In July last year, a video of a woman from Kerala helping a visually impaired man board a bus went viral on the internet. The woman was identified as Supriya, who works as a saleswoman with Alukkas Group, a jewellery brand in Tiruvalla. After the video got viral, the chairman of the company gifted her a house as a token of appreciation. The video received an overwhelming response online, although for Supriya it was just a spontaneous act.

Kerala woman helping, taj employee video

Kerala woman helps blind man board bus.

Saas helping bahu with her saree

A video shared by social media influencer Ashi Sharma on Instagram Reels last week drew many women to the comment section with praises of their mother-in-law. In the video, the saas squats and helps the bahu with her saree during a wedding function. Many people pointed out how women were using social media to redefine the saas-bahu relationship that is often stereotyped as one fraught with competitiveness and bitterness.

Groom touches bride’s feet after the wedding

Another viral video that broke stereotypes and warmed the hearts of social media users was a video of a groom touching the bride’s feet after their wedding. It is common for a bride to touch the groom’s meeting after the wedding, however, the opposite is of it is seldom seen as patriarchal values condition men to see themselves as the superior gender. Touching their wife’s feet is seen as an act of submission. However, this newly married groom proved that respect and equality are two key pillars in a marriage today and gender-based notions have no place in alliances today.

Groom touches bride feet, taj employee video

Groom touches bride’s feet

Elderly woman feeding an elephant

In a 30-second video clip, an elderly woman can be seen picking up food from a bucket and placing it in the elephant’s mouth. “Ma prem see jo prasad de, sab sweekar hai (Anything that mother serves with love is valued),” reads the caption. The video was posted by a Twitter account, Gannuprem and the simple interaction between the woman and the wild animal won many hearts.

Internet recreates Kerala Medico duo’s Rasputin dance

When a duo from Kerala got trolled for their viral dance video, simply because they hail from different faiths, the internet responded with compassion and solidarity to counter all the hate being hurled at them. Numerous people recreated the medical students’ viral dance on the song Rasputin as a mark of support. Turning the tables, it was the internet that showed how kindness can help people deal with negativity and aggressiveness.

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